The Ohkei L80 Build

Howdy all

This is the beginning of my mighty l80s journey to new life.

So on a lovely not so winter feeling afternoon I went to collect the l80. I arrived on time and paid the previous owner the $100 I offered them for the car and then went to look at the car for the very first time.

There she is sitting covered in dirt, leaves, sticks and spider webs. The car has 100% been heavily neglected even before its last owner. The only major rust I have seen so far is the rear hatch and little hole under the driver’s seat.

The interior’s dash and steering wheel look good, door cards need some attention, seats are falling apart and the carpet is in unknown condition.

Engine bay needs alot of love, its quiet Dirty, covered in oil, and has some surface rust and corrosion on some parts. After I looked at the car I was still waiting on my tow truck to arrive, Man ended up being 30mins late but oh well I got a little nugget so I’m happy.

I can’t wait to dig into this car properly and make a checklist of what she needs to be a tidy little box once again. Hope you guys are just as keen to see the progression of this nugget as I am.

Will continue to update this thread as I go.


so happy to see it got saved


Nice dude I’m glad it’s gonna get some attention. I got offered this car but due to having 2 extra dais and an old swift on top of my 2 daily’s and trailer I just didn’t have the room. Looking forward to watching this space. :slight_smile:

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A little update on the l80 build

Last weekend I went to where the car is now stored and begun looking at what needs to be done to get this looking amazing and driving amazing.

This is the list of what needs to be done:


  • Repair rear hatch rust
  • Clean up the surface rust along the edges of the door
  • Pull out a dent in the bonnet
  • Fix dents on the front two fenders
  • Replace window seals
  • Fix both rear window latches
  • Replace wheels and tires
  • Prep and paint car


  • Repair small rust hole on the floor
  • Clean carpet
  • Repair front seats
  • Refurbish steering wheel
  • Repair front door cards
  • Repair rear side cards
  • Find cover for the hole in the dashboard
  • Clean shift boot
  • Clean and install new roof liner
  • Replace front seat belts

Suspension and Brakes:

  • Replace front and rear shocks
  • Replace front brake rotors and pads
  • Clean up rear drum brakes
  • Replace rear brake shoes
  • Replace front sway bar bushes
  • Flush and replace brake fluid
  • Replace front and rear wheel bearings

Engine and Gearbox:

  • Clean engine bay
  • Repair surface rust
  • Paint engine bay
  • Replace engine mounts
  • Replace radiator
  • Replace timing belt
  • Replace water pump
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace drive belt
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Clean the carby
  • Clean engine block
  • Clean gearbox
  • Replace rocket cover gasket
  • Clean and paint rocket cover
  • Flush and clean fuel tank
  • Flush cooling system
  • Replace worn vacuum hoses
  • Replace metal coolant pipe
  • Replace radiator hoses
  • Flush and replace oil
  • Flush and replace transmission fluid
  • Reconnect clutch cable
  • Replace clutch
  • Replace battery

That’s the longish list of items that I need to work on. some things don’t need to be done but I want them to be done haha.

So far I have acquired these parts for the l80:

  • New battery
  • New radiator
  • New timing belt kit
  • New front brake disks
  • New front brake pads
  • New swaybar bushings
  • New air filter
  • New oil filter
  • New fuel filter
  • New engine mounts
  • New metal coolant pipe
  • New radiator hoses
  • New vacuum lines
  • New engine oil
  • New transmission fluid
  • New brake fluid
  • New coolant
  • New tires
  • New wheels

Will be doing a lot of work this Friday to get it drivable for Saturday so I can test the car out and see if anything else is off. Next week I will be getting more photos of the rust and dents to send to my mate who is a panel beater so I can get an idea of what i need to fix those issues.

I’m also still working on my video for the l80 so after this weekend i will be putting together episode 1 of the build series.


One thing i forgot to mention is we got the car running pretty quickly. put a new battery in and she cranked smoothly and then we uses some start ya basted and it fired up straight away. all we need to do now is give the fuel tank a quick clean and flush out the fuel lines, put the new fuel filter on, reconnect the fuel line to the carbie and put some fresh fuel in.

the new tires for the new wheels i got will be showing up today. so i cant wait to see the car sitting on some nice fresh rubber and cool wheels and hopefully we can get moving under her own weight this weekend.


wow thats quite a list but you seem to be smashing through it well :slight_smile:


where did you source your parts from as eveyone up here just looks at me weirdly when I say what mine is?


Just browsing the internet and doing research

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Update on the l80

let’s start from the beginning of the day.

I got an email from Sparesbox that my order of parts was coming today, it arrived around lunchtime which was when I was going to deal with my wheels. dropped the parts off at home, then went to the tire shop with the wheels. turns out I didn’t look hard enough at my wheels for the spec stamp and because of that I ordered the wrong tires, yes this is a very silly novice mistake but goddamit I feel pretty stupid.

The last owner of the wheels said they were 13x5 but they are actually 12x4.5. this kinda makes sense now as they felt the same as the last 12" wheels I had for my l200. after that whole stuff around i took the wheels and tires home and went back to work.

Later that evening my mate picked me up to go work on the l80 and his Subaru liberty. once we got the l80 on jack stands we began to check the fuel lines and hook the fuel lines back up. then we found out the in-tank fuel pump was not priming but was getting power. since all of that went so well i decided to start servicing the car and replacing the radiator and some other bits. (edit: i had a ape moment its actualy a mechanical fuel pump not a intake electrical pump :joy:)

stay tuned for my next update as i pray for my new pump, fuel lines, and front brakes to arrive before the Daihatsu track day.


I thought L80 had the fuel pump on the back of the head?


SShhhhh wait for the next update :wink:


Update on the l80

Howdy all, haven’t done any extra work yet due to work being a pain. but thanks to Lukes’s wisdom on how the mechanical pumps work I will try to sort out the lack of fuel going to the carby when I get the chance.
But while I work on getting the car running and driving nicely I’m going to plan out one of the next big things for the l80.

I have begun sourcing parts to do the almighty Franken engine with a little spooly boi. Thanks to a legend Jasper on the L2D Facebook page I have now got a fresh ef head, dizzy, intake manifold, and engine harness. still need to acquire the following for the swap before i can really begin.

  • Ecu (Probably a Haltech Elite 550)
  • Fuse Box
  • Rocket Cover
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Fuel Rail
  • Injectors
  • Throttle body
  • Headgasket
  • Every other engine gasket :joy:
  • Custom turbo manifold
  • Small Boi turbo
  • Dump pipe for turbo
  • Oil feed line
  • Oil drain line
  • Oil drain bit for oil pan
  • Oil filter sandwich plate
  • Clutch Upgrade
  • Intercooler
  • Intercooler pipes
  • Various sensors
  • probs missing some other things

The plan is to rebuild the ed10 bottom end and the ef head so they are ready to have some boost thrown at it. I think it’s time I build a motor right and make sure everything is perfect and dialed in. will see what can be done with the ed10 4-speed box with regards to rebuilding it and possibly an LSD if that’s even possible.

Most of my spares have arrived/ are coming in the next couple of days. just waiting on my new front/rear shock, front swaybar bushings, and some fuel hoses. still need to go get the new tires I ordered fitted to the wheels too but hopefully, I can get that sorted this week.

I’m also going to be moving houses by the end of this year so lots of the bodywork and painting will begin once I move to the new place. the place is owned by a family member and has a nice area to work in so I will be able to pull the car apart and take my time to clean up and fixing the exterior and interior while also getting the engine/drivetrain perfect.


what’s this small boi turbo rubbish? lol tf035 does nicely on franken or if you want a little laggier go the td04l like I used to have on my move.

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small boi compared to what I’m used to with the 1j cars I have worked on, I’m going with a GT2871R for the spooly boi

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Mini Update

Tires have been acquired :grinning:


Build Update

Haven’t done any new work on the white l80 but I have acquired another one that’s blue :sweat_smile:

Meet the blue nugget that some of you probably know

It’s a bit rough but it’s in surprisingly better shape than the white one. So saying that i will be restoring the blue one with parts from the white l80, it’s going to be sad to strip the white one as there is not many of these left around. But that is also a problem there aren’t many spare parts around.

my plans are still the same overall just moving it all to a different body. I’m keen to return this og handivan back to being awesome


here is a few old pic’s of it. I have
There are more floating around somewhere.

I remember this dai/ suzuki meet we had it was a great Dai. I was in my 84 swift (1L) and both Greame and I went for a drive up to the end of the road in our cars. The L80 with the 550cc turbo eb engine would just start to pull away from me slightly when he was hitting boost.


Build Update

Howdy all,

Again i haven’t done much with the l80s yet but I have been hoarding parts while I wait to move to my new house. Will probably start smashing out the to-do list once I have moved in as well as will have a covered area that’s on concrete to work in.

So far all I need to be left to acquire are wheel bearings, new rear brake drums, and materials for door cards, carpet, and roof lining. then need to actually put the work in to put then prep the car for bodywork and paint.

New plates arrived:

New steering wheel:

i cant wait to properly begin this build and get the car looking and driving amazingly


Are your spares being imported from abroad or are they still available over the counter?
Here in Europe, we would need to travel to either Malaysia, Pakistan or Japan, in order to get anything besides bits that share with other makes for one of these


most service parts you can still get over the counter but any specialty items or body parts are needed to be imported from overseas