The Red Tin [EJ-DE L200]

About a year ago I was looking for a cheep daily so I didn’t have to drive my V8. I impulse bought a 2002 M100 siron with the 1L. Not 3 months later I thought it was a good idea to take it paddock bashing. This ended badly with it Rolling down a hill 3X back onto its wheels. Luckily no one was harmed and i wasn’t driving so ended up getting cash in hand as compensation.

With this cash I again impulse purchased a 92 L200 Mira J 4 door with the 656cc. After a little digging i worked out the perfectly good engine will drop right in so started that project.

So far.

Engine out head off and resurfaced as it was a bit leaky. I’ve swapped out all the seals and gaskets where I can. The auto 1L has been paired to my miras manual and droped in the car. I’ve started to put it all back together and have got some far more knowledgeable mates looking over the engine diagrams for me to get the wireing sorted.

Dose anyone with experience have any recommendations? And i would love photos of complete engine bays if anyone has them just for a bit more of a guide.


if you read through my build thread, there are some pics that may help you :slight_smile: