Track Cuore L700

Hi there,

I’ve decided to start keeping some documentation on this car, I used to on my daily as well on a different forum and figured it’d be nice to do it with my track build as well.

we have a small little Dai family, from left to right: my track Cuore l700, my girlfriends street Cuore L700 and her young timer Cuore L80 (from 1988, I’ll write something on her cars later)

So in fact we got this little red one as a donor for my girlfriends street car, but figured since the engine and body were in really good shape, we kept it as a trackcar and got another donor later on. Me and my buddy Ted started working right away.

first up was some minor surface rust patches that had to be cleaned up, nothing serious, just to get it nice and proper before MOT

after that we got down to ripping the interior out, I managed to get some nice seats and harnesses for relatively cheap. had a friend that lent us a welder and got teaching myself how to weld to get the seats in.
also we welded in a T-bar to stiffen up the chassis a bit and mount the harnesses to.

preparing the front coilovers here, these are VW Polo 6N coilovers, relatively cheap and with a little bit of modification they fit nicely under the L700. albeit they are a little stiff, I like it that way on track, but it might not be very suitable for the local streets :wink:

also you can see we cut the rear bumper.

there are still a lot that we have done, but I haven’t gotten any pictures of it (yet)

things that have been done so far:

-bodywork tidied up
-interior stripped
-bucket seats
-Steering wheel
-Coilovers in front
-5 panel mirror
-battery relocated to the rear
-wiring loom cleaned up behind the dash
-added wing (still needs some more work)

Things we are working on right now:

-intake (working on a headlight intake)
-rear disc brake conversion
-front wheel hub and brake assembly (we need parts from a Sirion)
-overall just getting things tidied up and ready for testing

after testing, we will start to look for what the car needs to improve even more. we are thinking about a K3 conversion, or maybe supercharging it. but that’s all really far away still.


Ayeee a familiar face,
Welcome to the forum.
Hope to read a lot more about this :call_me_hand:


gonna try to take some more detailed pictures today, stay tuned :wink:

if you do an intro thread in all new people section it should open it open up the pic restriction

thanks, will do!

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Alright, So I managed to get some more pictures lately:

here’s the headlight intake I was talking about, the original plan was to just cut a hole in the lens, but we figured that it would be better if it had some kind of chamfered entrance, to generate some sort of venturi effect. because as we all now, more air is more better.

what we have done is cut a hole in the original housing, sprayed construction foam in it and let it dry, once it was dry enough we’ve started to cut it to shape to match the rest of the panels. still needs some more shaping but once that’s done we will pour some epoxy over it, finish it up and tada!

as mentioned earlier, the battery has been moved to the back, since this would’ve gotten in the way of the air intake. custom cables, cleaned everything up etc… it looks good, I would like to switch to a racing battery someday, but I’ll need to do some more research on that first.

intake piping is being mocked up as well, needs a nice reducer, maybe some heat wrap and a filter

custom centerpanel, this is also where all the switches will go. also installed a shortshifter.

big ol wang, probably wont do too much good but I guess it’s just fun to have on there… the mounts need to be finished still as well.

cockpit, we’re also looking for some padding to drop into the seats, they’re a little too low for my taste.

custom bumper that also still needs a lot of work, mesh in the grille, fix up the canards etc…

Hope that fills in a little bit of the progress so far,
next things will probably be brakes and wheels, stay tuned!


Hello there @Jeroenh2o, I can say only one thing… WOW!! That cuore, with a K3-VE2 + turbo will be a killer!! I’ll stay tuned, that’s for sure!

Also from now on, your nickname will be “Daihatsu-Connecting People guy”. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: It’s true after all… that’s how you met your GF and you got yourself a Cuore! :love_you_gesture: :+1:

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I like the sound of that hahaha!

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Really man! You are lucky! You got two birds with one stone! Not to mention that the one of the 2 birds has other two birds of her own, + you, we can count 3 birds for her… so, we can say that she is also a lucky girl!! And after that, we can count three birds (her and her two cuore/miras) + your cuore = 4 birds for you! That is not a relatioonship, that’s a bird nest! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: Respect!!! :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

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nice build :smiley: honestly the K3 is the way to go if chasing outright power in the L700’s, 100hp straight away where the EJ would cost quite alot to get that much.


looking good man!


Did some other work and started looking around as to what our options are comcerning the exhaust system. After som struggling and taking the exhaust manifold from the car it seems I have more than enough room for a custom mani, also looking to have a side exit behind the front right wheel.

Hoping a friend of mine (who is a relatively good welder will have some time to help me out soon


Hi all, this project has been sitting for a while but I decided to do something again.

Decides to make a neat little shift light!

Started by finding the signal wire for the tach, just spliced into this and I have my signal!

Then just plug it into the fusebox and find a nice ground.

Mounted the controller here, the circuit board is mounted inside the dash.

Had to cut a slit for the wires to the actual light, fits through there nice and stealthy.

Painted everything black and mounted on the dash!

I still have to mess with the settings for it to light up at my desired rpm, but everything works and it had gotten me motivated to work on this car again :slight_smile:


More progress! Today me and Ted got back together after quite a while and decided it was time to really dive back into our track project.

Said fuck it and went to the scrapyard for some M100 brake hubs. Disassembly was frankly quite easy, expected it to all be rusted stuck, but everything was actually quite manageable and it didnt take us all that long.

That’s all we got there, but there are also some swaybars in that corner that we’re gonna pick up sometime ;p

When we got back to my workplace we started disassembling the hubs and brakes etc.

Sadly we have to deal with one stuck sliding pin/bolt. We’ve tried heating it up etc but no luck so far. If anyone has any tips, please let us know!

Right now we are ordering new parts to get the brakes and such back into prime condition. Get everything sandblasted and painted, and then move on to exhaust, intake and swaybars.


The next day;

Some cursewords and welds later, I got rid of the stuck sliding pin!

new pins have been ordered, seems these pins share a partnumber with certain Toyota’s and Mitsubishi’s.
Part number for Sirion M100 sliding pins : FEBEST 4056111056333

continued with cleaning everything up, getting rid of the dirt and grime, rusty chunks etc.

now we just have to wait for the brake revision kit, and other parts. then we can get to painting, and assembly. looking for braided brake lines, good race brake fluid etc. We still have the stock pads and discs, that are in okay condition. but we would like to upgrade to better pads and discs in the future. if anyone has any recommendations concerning good brake parts, please let me know!


So been busy a bit again, we installed proper bushings in the shortshifter and now it shifts like a real racecar! Also we are making some alumilite door cards, fitting them is a chore though, lots to measure and cut etc.

Today i focused on wheels and brakes some more. Grinded everything flat, getting rid of the curb rash. Then sanded and painted!

Chose for matte black, and added a little metallic flake just for funzies, lips will be getting a polished / brushed metal look later.

Tested the fitment with the sirion brakes:

Not bad right?

Compact, but it clears, so I’m happy!

Also gave the calipers a lick of paint, need to get some proper caliper paint tomorrow though.


Sanded down the lips of the rims here, still needs more work but since it’s going to be a track car and not a showcar, it’s good enough for me. Might redo this in the future but don’t have the motivation, nor is the necessity present so.


A quick fitment checkup, plus some more pictures of the car overall.

Nice and flush, no interference so far. Can’t wait to have these on the sirion hubs with some fresh rubber!!

Yesterday and today I kept myself busy with fabbing up some bracing for the front.

I am by no means a professional welder or racing chassis expert, but i figured this would at least be a slight improvement over the stock “T-brace” made out of the same thickness as a coke can. I have no idea if this is safer (I’m guessing yes.) Cause I don’t know if the original T brace is meant to crumple, or is just there for “some” structural support for the bonnet catch.

I just like making stuff.

Also gave the calipers a few extra coats, repair kits have been received. Cant wait to get these installed too!


Left custom doorcard fitted, needs some more attachment points and more room for the window crank, but it’s looking good!


The M100 sirion brakeswap is in! Just gotta order some nice tires, fit them with the wheels and do the brakehoses. After that it’s most likely exhaust work, hope to get at least some track time since the season is already well underway. So we have to hurry up a little!