VDO oil pressure guage and switch?

Has anyone here ever added a VDO or other premium quality electric oil pressure guage with accompaning switch to their vehicles? Mechanical ones are also available. But, woe to those whose oil pressure lines were to either sever or come loose.
It’s been nearly impossible to get a complete matching set, except from Australia itself where the shipping alone would likely cost as much as the set itself.
I once found a set from a Dutch on-line shop, weeks ago. But, haven’t been able to find it again.
Individual switches are listed with having 10 mm x 1 mm pitch threads which is half true. The pitch is indeed 1 mm. But the thread itself is tapered, so tht no gasket ring is needed. it’s possible to tap the block to accept a srtaight 10 mm switch. But that would mean introducing metal shavings into exactly where they aren’t needed.
If any part number’s available, it would be easy enough to match one up. I’ve seen very inexpensive presumably VDO switches sold through Amazon and eBay. But at those prices, I’m guessing, they’re the usual cheap imitations

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I have fit them before, and will probably do it again soon on my Copen.
Perhaps you found them at my local motorsport store: https://www.biesheuvel.nl/nl/automotive/autometers-toebehoren/vdo/meters

They ship to Germany, free above 100 euros too :wink:

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This looks like the correct switch: VDO Druksensor 0-5 Bar – M10 x 1 (biesheuvel.nl) They claim that the switch’s thread is tapered. The price is right. However, the meter itself is offered for two different prices for the same meter. Or is the expensive one superior enough to justify its more than double price?:

VDO Cockpit International Motoroliedruk 5Bar 52mm 12V (biesheuvel.nl)
VDO SingleViu Motoroliedruk 5Bar Zwart 52mm (biesheuvel.nl)

I always just use generic switches in the sandwich plate. As long as the measured min and max are the same no worries.

Those meters are from a different line, but both should do the trick.

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The only difference between both guages is in the anti-condensating double glass featured in the expensive version. I initially thought that, for that price, the complementary to that meter’s switch was included as a package.
Appearantly, the only pressure switches offered are the following: Zoekresultaten voor: ‘drukschakelaar’ (biesheuvel.nl)
Who then would wish to buy only a meter? Wouldn’t it make more sense to sell the entire system as a package?

I’ve just found an official VDO guide on various guages of theirs. For anyone planning on installing any of their products, I’d suggest either downloading their pdf or, at least, copy whatever’s usefull, before they pull the link: https://www.laltraranda.it/sites/default/files/documenti/7743_product_manual_vdo_cockpit_vision_international1.pdf

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Very useful! Thanks.

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I don’t yet know at what pressure your original swiches start activating your warning lights. For ED 10s and ED 20s, they’re set for 0.3 bar. I can’t imagine, there would be any reason for using different settings on all other Daihatsu engines.
I’m still debating on whether to order a passing switch with a built-in warning lamp connection or one without. If there isn’t any great difference in price, it would then be worth going for the one inclusive of a separate warning lamp terminal. This would save the trouble of having to locate or even manufacture a T-fitting cut with 10 mm x 1 mm pitch tapered threads