Looking for a l200 topless, drove one while on holidays and fallen in love, I’ve looked everywhere and had no luck. If anyone is selling one or knows someone who is, please let me know


Oh perfect, are you able to send me some photos, that would be much appreciated

Thank you

It is not me doing the sale - please go to their thread and pose questions to them. Be aware it is a project car that needs work but is what you were asking about.

P.s. don’t ever put your email address openly on a forum, unless you like spam and possible hacks. Only send it to others in PM. I would edit that post if I were you and yes I work in IT at Fed Govt level.

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This car is not forsale the owner is keeping it and has done alot of repairs and compliances and is worth far more than that now. There was only about 50 mira topless made and I presume you got it from magnetic island where they were made for the holiday rental place. There is a few around australia but not many so you will have to be very patient and dilligent in your search. You may be waiting a few years to find one.

Okay no worries, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll be keeping my eyes pealed because I really do want one and I can’t find one anywhere. But thank you for the information :slight_smile:


I found this on yahoo auctions,

Not sure if that’s a l200?

This is a daihatsu lezza I think

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yep, the Leeza Spider, not sure how they would go being complied under current ADR’s as no rollover protection :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I wouldn’t know but seems like a fun little car non the less, looks like it has a turbo too?

It looks like a cool little car, but still on the hunt for the topless mira l200. Thanks so much for posting

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