Wheels and Tires for Track Problem. 14/15" cuore


As i will be Running my cuore on the Track Next Year, i am already looking into wheels and Tires.

My L7 is equipped with copen brakes. Therefore 13" wheels won’t fit in the Front. In the back 13" still fits over the bigger drum.

The car Runs with copen wheels in 165 50 15 Tires. I am using 10mm spacers.

I tried to run 185 55 14 tires, but As the car is lowered the rub in the back and in the front when turnind.

As i want to run slicks or at least semi slicks there are Not Many options for me.
Would Love to run 175 in 14" on the car. But i couldn’t find any tire availabe in this size.

Is there any chance i Can run 13" with copen brakes? Is there a rim which provides enough Space?
There are 175 Tires available in 13"…

At this Point i dont know what to do.


Yep. Same problem I had at one stage. You could go down to a 234mm rotor and M100 caliper. That gives you a /couple of choices in 175/50/13 for semi slicks (prob Nankang or Yokohama). If slicks, I’d look into using Formula Ford slicks (here in Australia they use semi slicks). I think Avon are what they use on the fronts are 185 on a 6.5x13" rim. I ran used Avons from Formula Fords years ago with much success (they were a bias and not a radial which means no need for some much neg camber as the tire moves about more). I bit the bullet and with my Dai I’ve gone for 195/55/15 as there are many options, big tires provide more grip than little ones and I committed to much work to make them fit.

So you Had the Same issue.

How did you make those 195 15 fit??
Do you have pictures of your work?

Bit harder on mine than yours. I’ve done it on an L200. Build thread is here https://livetodai.com/t/not-quite-track-mr-gormsbys-l200/79/215
You’ll have to hunt through for pics. L700 two door would be much easier. I’ve not done anything for a while as I am doing major house renovations to get underneath the house excavated to turn into a decent workshop.