Here she is, my freshly imported 2WD L502S TRXX Avanzato Mira with the four cylinder 660cc JB-JL turbo engine.

Complimentary Japanese cigarette butts lol

Door cup holder

Burger tray!!!

Coilovers. I haven’t found the brand yet.

Rear suspension. Rather than adjustable height on the springs, the shocks have adjustable height.

14" wheels


8500rpm redline! oooof!

Very envious :smiley:

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Those look like BC racing coilovers to me. Really nice car!

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OMG OMG OMG it’s here!!! SOOOOOOO Happy for you man you must be stoked!

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the 8500rpm is 500 over what the jbet does also. not really related but the efel engine’s rev out to 9200rpm :slight_smile:

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WOWWEEEE! yay! i love the ciggies because you know its untouched from japan.

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Mophius, if they are BC Racing then that would be awesome.

Adjustable camber tops too…

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Mate, I am. But at the moment I don’t know when I get to drive it as it needs to be complied and have all the broken, worn or leaking items replaced. I can see it already needs tie rod ends and a cam cover gasket.

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9200rpm on the efel you say, damn. Wonder what the efgl is then in my green one?


Im not sure if they are BC racing but the colors match xD I don’t recall seeing one for a Daihatsu with adjustable camber tops though.

Wow, March 2021 was the last comment.
Well, I officially got it January 2022 and that same month I went to a static car meet.


On the way home cruising at 100km/h there was a little dip in rpms and the engine became sluggish. I pulled over and saw water on the ground, my heart skipped a beat but it was just the aircon. The engine was pretty hot but i saw no obvious signs of trouble. The temp guage was normal and the oil light wasn’t on. I nursed it home and put it to bed as it was nearling 10pm. Next day i pulled the front end off to get to the turbo as something told me to investigate that. I was right, turns out the compressor bearings had collapsed and the compressor wheel jammed itself into the housing seizing the whole thing.


I was set to get a local turbocharger builder to rebuild it and also high flow it but in the end he couldn’t get a hold of the smaller components. So we ended up having a second hand low km one from a JBJL in a L6 SRXX Move in Japan shipped over. We found it very hard to get a TRXX Mira one as there are a few different turbine housing bolt patterns for the dump pipe, but the Move one was identical even though the turbo specs are slightly different.


Since then I’ve just been dailying it but a few things are now requiring maintenance.
I’ve had to replace the original battery it came with and I also removed and sold the roof racks to a guy that wanted to carry surf boards on his L5.
A few things I’ve ordered so far are hub side CV joints with boots, gearbox side boots for the CVs, gearbox oil seals for the axles, injector repair kit, cam cover gasket, spark plug oil seals, distributor block shaft oil O ring, steering rack ends, tie rod ends, PCV valve oil seal grommet, lower control arms and two new Nankang tyres.
I’m not looking forward to doing most of it after having done alot of the same things on my previous green L5.




good to hear she is alive and kicking and looks great too.
The maintenance stuff is a pain but at least you know how to do everything especially having done it before.
Great to see an update :+1:

Thanks mate, had no idea i had left updates so long haha.

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