Wooki3 the L60 Handivan

I did a little welding, mig welding isn’t my favourite but I burned it in hot so hopefully no leaks.

There is more work to be done obviously.
I have ordered standard clutch for the 620cc engine, and some smaller chokes for the 45dcoe carby.
I need the engine back in the engine bay so I can confirm it will all fit.
Plumb the electric water pump, build some extractors, wire up the wideband 02 sensor, fabricate a new exhaust and a custom muffler.

I recently sold the majority of my model trains, I am focusing on getting the Handivan back on the road for All Japan Day 2025 in Adelaide.
Once the car is on the road it will also advertise my ceramic coating business.


Not gonna lie, I am pretty excited to see the handi on the road.

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Hurray, I got the right clutch this time.


Well, it’s in!
Still needs an air filter either cut down redline socks or a Ramflo air filter, I prefer the latter because I can plumb the rocker cover breather and fuel tank vapour breather into it easier.


Nitto to barb adaptors make cheap weld on barb fittings. These are brake booster pick ups, just need a tee piece


No photos just yet but the manifold is nearing completion. There may be a slight revision but Ill see if I can avoid it.
The heater hose barb has been welded on, all the gearbox bolts are in a tight, clutch cable is on and working, wiring loom installed in the engine bay.
Refurbishing a distributor with some new parts (still need the rubber o-ring, I only have incorrectly fitting ones).

Things to do
Make mounts for Mini radiator
mount the radiator fan
mount electric water pump and wire it to the controller
make heater outlet to water pump inlet pipe
make mechanical water pump delete and route pipe work
make more extractors with 35 mm primary pipes into a 38 mm outlet
fit wideband o2 sensor and wire up AEM gauge
wire up tacho
make new alternator tensioner bracket - the OG is short because the weber has taken up some real estate that would have been empty space under the factory inlet manifold

There is a bit to do and I have been dragging my feet on this but I’ve been incredibly lazy lately and forced myself to go outside today. I really enjoyed it.


So it turns out I can build these extractors quite quickly, and keep in mind I was trimming the tube with a dull hack saw blade, about 1 hour total and fully Tig welded.


The inlet manifold is complete.


Now that should enough to feed the beast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Like stuffing geese

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