Zac's l200 (still tryimg to ej one)

I’ve been trying to make an l200 ejde for some time now.
This time i have some oretty cool turbo gear.
I’d really like to learn a lot about standalone ecu’s and eventually bosst this bad boy as simply as possible. This car is supposed to be a fun cruiser and is not intended to be a race car.


“Not intended to be a race car” that’s a shame. There is nothing like a little motorsport to find out if all the showy type work really has any merit.

My advice is to use a closed loop o2 ecu, even for a cruiser. Get it going na and sort the suspension, brakes and wiring. Anyway looks like you’ve done some great work.

The car will be driven with spirit often.

On the road you can never quite get the same spirit as a comp event (unless it’s a bog stock ef-el). Keep posting your work as there is some well applied effort there. Tell the story of where you are up to, what’s been good? What have you learned?

I have owned every l200s ive seen (like 9) bar 4 door models. So ed carb and efi.
They have all had blown head gaskets and ive always wanted a 1L with a straightpipe or a turbo. The coilovers that i jave ever used seem to be way to stiff for aus. In the past ive even tried to ej a topless.

Front std spring rate is about spot on. Stiffen the front and it will just understeer. Rear rate needs to go way up. You know one of the whole points of using coilovers is that one does not have to have expensive springs made. Closed end and flat ground springs can be ordered off the shelf. I know most people like coilovers 'cause they look cool and ya can slam the car down low. I tend to avoid going to coil overs until I have tire clearance issues.

I am pne of those “honda boys” who likes tyre fitment and lows but thats ok by me as its just a streeter and it wont be pushed as hard as it will be fitting weird wacky wheels.
:sunglasses: i will have some spare coilovers for sale after i decide what pair i would prefer to keep.
if anyone is chasing let me know.

maybe chasing coilovers let me know

If you can’t fit at least a 195/50/15 front and back or a 225/50/15 on the front you are just not trying hard enough. If you like fitment then you need to run at least a 7" or 8" wide.

More of a 145-155 55 13 on 13x5.5 guy

145 is a snow width tire

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From early research:
Stage 1
Ej de reco
Ally rad
Ejde engine loom troubleshooting.
n/a running w l2 driveline.
Trxx tacho conversion

Stage: 2 (race car)
Save parts for sirion gbox and drive line and hubs.
Machine custon drive shaft.
Sirion front lCAs and aplause diskie conversion
Stainless exhaust
Tahbo + engine management
(Have already got ej tahbo set up)
Engineer and rego

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Ej loom and l2 body loom labelling and prep.
First work on the ej l2

Nice build

145/ 155 width tires? Dont hurt yourself with those
Even the Japanese go 165

So wear the 175 snd you’ll be good

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I think Zac likes the image of “much stretch”. Stretch and ridiculous amounts of negative camber are popular in some parts.

Smh :grin::grin:

Ok carry on

The car will be driven with spirit but should never be sliding or jumping around. I have made coilovers from stratch and learnt about steering geometry. I do like low cars and im not building a race car. Its going to be a well maintained stance streeter. It will be hard parked and it will drive me to work on the daily. What it wont do is scrape chassis or bounce on 6kg spring rate with drilled out strut holes.

Could anyone tell me if this ecu needs an immobilizer key? I think i need a m17 or something.
Will be interested in a ej ecu if this one requires the immobilizer.
Also a new pic x

Should not need immobiliser. They are a basic bit of kit.

6kg !!! If that’s for the front it’ll be a dog and understeer like on ice. Front for a road car should be more like 2.5kg. For the rear though 6kg is a good start and you can go up from there. But if you only care about how it looks…carry on and ignore what many others have learned.

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also from my notes from the past I know the m82 ECU needs the key immobiliser ring and the original keys to operate. i am assuming the m series ECU are for sirins and the L series ECU’s are L series cuores. I have a “L38” ECU so i will continue with it and see how it goes. I am using a body from an ed10 mira so its a carby model body.