Zac's l200 (still tryimg to ej one)


EJDE INTO L200.pdf (1.4 MB)

^^^^^^GUIDE DOCUMENT^^^^^^^^^


Some notes for l2 ejde ej-de l200 l201 l200s kancil 1.0L perodua people.


got a spare non immobiliser ecu with plugs if you need it @MiraMan


If you think you know about the the ecu then why did you ask? I’ve had a couple of 3cyl Sirions neither of them required a immobilliser key.

Concerning springs I’ll butt out since I know nothing about stance, slammed nor have ever had trouble with the chassis hitting the ground. Happy trails, you’ll not hear from me again though I promise to peep in now and then to see how things like those coilovers go or see what I can learn about steering geometry.


I read and appreciate your knowledge I’m just saying i’m not building a race car and I’m not going for demoncamber.
with the steering geometry remark I am just referring to the past WHEN I HAVE run choppies and other dangerous or poorly researched “modifications”


K3-VET L38 - 89560-97B03 YRV Turbo

searched the code on the ecu on the internet and the only thing i have found is a listing for yrv turbo, i am assuming this must be a shared ecu or it was an eJVET 1.0L model

@Mokeman i’ll take that ecu and plugs please. I’ll trade for that ceipt right now cheers.


@mokeman sent the ecu but there was a typo. I’m in NT and the ECU will prolly be there when i get back to QLD


Scored the ecu and physically its all ready now . i ts come down to the wiring of the injectors and such


Tried making my own cas sensor clip from two individual connectors.
Finally back on the mira. I’ll try remove the engine tomorrow.


We are still struggling through our L201 EJDE swap… trying to figure out the carby to efi changes that need to happen etc.

Quite overwhelming when you’re really a novice.


This car delivers! 13" FTW!


Just fooling around. These are a pair. 13x8-0 for sale if anyone wants to make killer guards. 250$
Sold the gold racingforg gold ninja star wheels to another dai member. Got aome performance Audm jellybeans


Sold some spare coilovers too

Guards are rolled to take the bigger aus jellies.

Chickadees love the D-D-Dai


It turned out there is a new machines flywheel and an exedy in the ejde so i am mainly worried about seals and CV shafts atm. Time to sell a moped and my moto to make some bucks for a battery and some gearbox oils!


I bought this shitter l700 to flip because it had low k’s A/C and was auto with airbags. Homy hell I love daihatsus. These things are killer. We call this operation granny spec or: demolestation

Straightened out the body to enjoy the complimentary half a tank and weeks rego.
Daihatsu auto recyclers in qld have made a cracker deal to send me a door and a fender in green with a mirror for 425$ shipped. Wow folks.

Degreaser removes well baked on plastidip fast

Perfect for swag stove and camping gear

Goes where no other dare fit XD


How about an L200 body that has the rear extensively tubed so 195/50/15s fit? It has the ej, trxx lsd gearbox and 100pcd conversion done. I’m looking at getting rid of mine.


Advan colour scheme looks sick dude!


Trolley in its natural habitat start work in a fortnight. So keen to build the l200


Towed the mira to the workshop.
Dropped the fuel tank, then cleaned it. swapped the l200 fuel pump for a l700 item in the l200 cradle
Not sure if they are compatible
Noticed the core of my turbo will have to be replaced. As turbine fins touch the duct under pressure.
Mira runs on start ya bastard but i cant get the fuel pump to work.
Gonna drop the tank and try to find the fault.
Not sure if l700 pump is plug n play


If you part out let me know


Sure, can part out.

LSD viscous gearbox with factory drive shafts to fit 100pcd conversion $1500
Clutch type LSD factory gearbox $1000
Adjustable (speed and length) quick shift with custom cables $250
1.5 turn lock to lock quick rack and K frame to mount engine 25mm lower and 25mm rearward $1500
100pcd 4wheel discs with manual and hydro hand brake, adjustable bias valve and cockpit adjust about balance bar brake box and all with single brake line to rear $1000
Custom Konis and custom springs $1000
Custom solid puck type clutch and PP rated at over 300hp and 3kg flywheel $1000

Shall I go on? Thought you were after a bargain didn’t you? There are people here I’d give the whole car to for nothing. Why would I owe you favours?