Zac's l200 (still tryimg to ej one)


Haha finish it, part ot, or give your car away then ya goose. I just like the sound of an lsd.


I only need one LSD. $700 for the viscous lsd and without drive shafts.

Regards, The Goose


I snapped my key off in the hatch lock barrel. Just fished it out and will have to cut some keys. It was my only one. Hopefulyy its not to hard to do that with a broken key. Swapped my ecu for another l700 one. Still no fuel pump action. Will have to drop the tank after i cut these keys. Then ill hook the pump up to a battery to.see if the pump works. Then suss the fuel relay. Then if all is good might need a new ecu.


Couldnt get the ecu to fire the fuel pump. Inwonder whats going on there. Wired up the fuel pump to the battery to start her. Fuel gushed from the injectors. So i changed the o rings on them and used rubber grease. I have no fuel pressure regulator but the rail pressurises wven with the return line to tank. Not sure if injectors pulse but i cant get spark!


Put in new ecu and spliced all the black with yellow stripe engine / ecu loom cables together(switched 12v)
Have power to the coil, fuel pump and tps
(Checked with test light)
I’m assuming there is cas power because I have wet spark plugs. I have a spark when I test with a spark plug in the coil pack.
There is power to all the reds-lights on Acc bar the battery light
I still can’t start this bad boy.
She cranks real nice though
I am running a l200 fuel pump with a custom fuel rail with extra plumbing set to return to the tank.
Will I need some sort of fuel pressure regulator?


Yes. Pressure regulator goes after the fuel rail. I use a cheap adjustable version of this
SARD 1to1 Fuel Pressure Regulator Installation Instructions.pdf (441.8 KB)

What pressure you run is something you figure out for yourself. My fuel pump is from/for a Apprillia RSV4 and I can run about 60psi and have perfect AFR ratios. The std pump had variable fuel pressure, meaning it was junk and the fuel strainer was not flowing sufficiently either - the assembly life was over as it could only hold the correct pressure at low flow rates.


fuel pressure regulator installed.
The car is now runnning with a hunting idle.
I am running 3.5 kg/cm^2. i think that’s 36 psi or 250KPA (on the FPR)
not too sure what is suggested just yet. the car now runs but the battery light is the only red light not illuminated on acc. (ignition reds )
Very keen to service this engine and get to RWC stage.
then will be a list of general maintenance and upgrades.
I am thinking, cv’s , body bushes or k frame mounts, solid bushes throughout suspension and engine mounts etc.
braided brake hose lines, new rotors and some ebc pads.
a engine wire tuck.


If anyone has some donor miras i would like to buy a clean and functional window wiper/ indicator stalk steering wheel surround.



try about 40psi on the fuel pressure reg or a touch more. Idle hunt maybe due to not being cycled a few times to proper heat temps. I usually put a funnel that fits perfect in radiator and run car through a couple of heat cycles . ie- radiator fan coming on atleast twice with coolant/water filled halfway up the funnel and always coolant /water filled in funnel b4 car is turned on.
As for lights no idea


43-45psi is standard fuel pressure


thankyou so much pal


Sound deadner removal. Heavy as hell! Getting close to rego.

About a bag and a half


Friends l500. Has ef printed on block. Has a carby but looks to have a dohc head and coulpacks. So strange.
Side exit exhaust and a cool rope to pull hatch shut.




that is what you call an ef-gl engine They are a tiwn cam 660cc enige with a carb but still have an ecu also. They came out in Australian delivered L500’s. (some also had ef-el)


I told myself I couldn’t rice it up until it was running haha.


The wang is awn 250g of sikaflex heavy duty


I was cleaning the throttle body and iac valve but i accidently heard a squelching sound and suspect hydrolock on the motor.
I removed the spark plugs and cranked it. The middle cyclinder wasnoverflowing with fue and filling the intake manifold. I suspect the middle injector locked on. Im told i need to get new ones as you can only clean ones that underperform. Not fail and flood.
Pulled the rail of and am going to try ebay. Not sure what else to do in cairns. Maybe daihatsu honda wtecker but they recently sent me a wrong part when i requested a cluch cable gearbox mount.


the daihatsu/ honda wrecker is now closed also unfortunately