Zac's l200 (still tryimg to ej one)


had my wheels stolen and car blocked. got some stockoes from a dai fan friend.


Damn! Sorry to hear.


I read that o FB I dont even know why people try to steal 110 pcd wheels its not like they can go on many cars. I hope you find thembut I guess atleast you have stockies for the minute to move the car.


picked a fake carbon moped exhaust from bali.
brought it home carry on. she’s pretty light still.


the balinese are so friednly and i was treated to seeing a lot of tuned honda jaz’ models.


My muffler is a titanium Kawasaki zzr1100rr. Nice n light, ‘n’ was cheap (but of course).


and here I am I have a heavy old harley muffler . hahaha


rebuild calipers. car drives nice. i have ordered the wrong MAP sensor or it is wired wrong or something.


Nice, I’m painted in red


oh time attack red?


Yeah, and also rear drum brakes painted in red :wink:








looking good man