Zac's l200 (still tryimg to ej one)


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Out with the 5 speed leaky box in with a 4 speed item.
Cleaned the k frame and engine.
I am keen to change the brake booster and master cylinder


Hey guys wrecked a sirion and sold nearly all the goods i didnt want in a week. Kept the k frame gearbox brakes and all that jazz bur sold the engine. Took the rear hubs for m100 conversion. Thinking about doing the gearbox swap but the clutch cable, speedo and shift linkages look like they’ll need some adaption. Away from home (cairns) in NT getting some asbestos demolition work. Keen to return and wash some k frame action. Then get to modifying the cv and some of the other things that need to be done. Car is idling funny again. I have a suspition ots the brake booster leaking.


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chasing a LHS inner sirion door handle and surround in chrome please for my l80. some clown snapped a lever, l200 EJ Car drives fine , slight backfire from the 50cc exhaust. there is a hunting idle after warming up and I think this is due to a vac leak in brake booster. I have ordered a used one from topless dale! get used to that name pal HEH HEH The radiator fans wont turn on when I had them wired to the ECU, they do work str8 to the batooter so time tosolder to a 12v acc on ignition so that I never forget to turn them on via a switch.
Starting to think about rebuilding the turbo internals so that there is no shaft play but thinking about purchasing a new ECu is wigging me out. I have 4 weeks left of free parking in a friends workshop as he is closing down his business. Have a 1L front drive line and suspension on a k frame from a sirion and I’m not sure where I am going to put this. maybe in the red ej car. I have a slow leak so i suspect one of the rims has a crack or damage.

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Looking into speeduino ecu. Anyone been playing with these?

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I have been looking at them for ages just havent done it.