Bertie Bus


Picked up an EJ-DE today to swap into Bertie Bus (the new name of this build thanks to my 2 year old son).

Was originally planning an EF-DET of similar, but due to more oil leaks I’ve had to speed up when the swap needs to happen. The lack of time and being put back to part time at work has lessened my budget for a engine, so an EJ fit the bill.

I am still hoping for some boost, so will have to turbo the EJ later in the year.


I have a turbo manifold that will fit an EJ if you want it @b_hoves.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to buy it off you until later this year. But, if you still have it then I will happily grab it from you.


i think you will be happy with an ej in Bertie :slight_smile:


A bus needs huge torque, you’ll get that with an EJ-DE.


Any update on this? I’m thinking about doing an EJDE swap to my Move too


Hey mate. Did the swap this past weekend actually.
With the help of some people who are waaaay more experienced than I it was a “one day swap” (took about 12-13 hours). But I should mention I had NOTHING to do with the wiring and had someone helping who was an auto electrician.
Today was the first real drive and still need to iron out a few bugs (clutch and accelerator cable adjustments, o2 sensor plug and forgot to plug up passenger side blinker) but am happy with it. The extra torque is very evident, but, I am not really able to push it as the clutch is pretty rooted.

EDIT: I’m going to try do a few small things to finish up the swap and then post some pictures sometime soon.


Ah nice! I actually have a JB-JL turbo engine in mine, but it threw a rod and those engines or JB-dets are pretty expensive :frowning: So I think all my wiring will be different anyway haha

What was needed for the swap? I haven’t looked into it too much, but I assume engine, flywheel, clutch, loom, ecu and dash are the main things? Not sure about the subframe and engine mounts etc, but again they’re probably different for me anyway

Here’s a pic of mine


Hey same colour! Jealous of the bonnet!
Don’t what would be different from jb as we swapped from ed. But we used the engine mounts, clutch, flywheel and gearbox from the ed20 and matted that with the ej. From the ej we used engine, loom (spliced up a bit), radiator hoses and ecu. @evilhighway might remember if there was anything else. It was awesome opportunity for me to learn.


Yeah it has a few good parts, it’s for sale too if you want/need parts haha but down in SA

I want to fix it up as it was an awesome car, but I’ve already got a few other projects that need more attention :frowning: If a cheap EJ package pops up before it sells I will probably keep it. I don’t know of any Move owners, especially ones that modify them down here :frowning: All the more reason to be the first haha


yeh it was pretty much engine, loom (cuore) some hoses and an fpr. The ej bolts up to ed gearbox ?cltuch etc and should bolt up to your jb gearbox too. also the sumbrame will be the same as what you already have (i think) and you should be able to use standard l5 or l6 instrument cluster


Sorry to hear that you are selling. Wow, the leather seats are amazing! If you do part it out there definitely are some things I would grab! Good luck with the sale though!


Those leatherette seats cover’s used to be mine :frowning: lol I never got to put them on but they look so good.


I like the weather shields


There was a few things I needed to tinker with today to tidy the engine bay up. To that end I fitted and cut the intake pipe that goes over the engine. Also set out to find a small fuel leak the ended up being due to cheap tape used on the eBay fuel pressure regulator. While I was messing with the fpr I also adjusted it. As promised here is a pic of the engine bay with the ej.


I was going to ask you how this is going. Sorry my plumbers tape didnt stop the leak or was it a new leak?


Also I still stay strong on my thoughts that the ej looks like it belongs in the move


It was the other fitting that needed more tape. The one you taped is still holding strong! :+1:


clutch is still holding ? any other issues besides the check light?


Check engine doesn’t come on every trip. I still think it might be the O2 sensor. Was going to try swap the one from the ed-20 in today, but one of the bolts on the heat shield was so rusted I couldn’t get it off. Didn’t have time to do anymore. Will grind it off another day. Other then that it’s running really well. The clutch is holding up surprisingly well while I save up for a good clutch (want one that can hold up to boost so I don’t have to change it too many times).