Bertie Bus


Starting to look at suspension for Bertie. Following the wisdom of @Mr_Gormsby and looking for springs for the move that are stiffer in the rear I have found a set rs-r springs with 2.6k front springs and 4.2k rear springs. The springs are also 25-30mm lower (or 50mm for the super lows). Does this seem like it will be a good start?
Also found a tonne of bracing by ultra racing for the Perodua kenari, which is based on the Move. There is everything from 4 point strut braces to panhard rods.


I think you are heading in the right direction with springs. However, it would be good to know the rates you have right now, so you know which way the new ones take you. The new fronts should be close-ish.


where did you find the rsr’s @b_hoves ? I have found bracing also but actually never found where the rsr’s are online


Postage is a killer. So if there were the right rates was gonna contact Jessie streeter with the item code and see what he can do.


No idea on current spring rates. Did some searching and couldn’t find anything. I know you’ve posted a website to get an estimate, but, haven’t been able to get under the car to count coils and such.


Super simple calc

and getting more advanced.


According to the jbl website and info I found about the rear springs the rate is 130.5. What unit of measurement that is I don’t know.



130 is soft. About right for the front


According to the website I used that rate was for the stock rear springs. So would that make the RS-Rs with 4.2k rear springs a good step up?


Whats the size of your stock springs, I.D and length? Maybe the fiat 500 springs will fit, they are around 45N/mm (I think its around 350 inch/lb) part number from FEBI Bilstein is 46982. I ordered them though work and they cost me 60 euros for a pair, I think retail is around 100euros for a pair. The size of the fiat springs is 260mm long, ID is about 100mm. The only problem is they are not a progressive rate and depending on your car you may end up with the same ride height or possibly higher.


mira springs are pretty much the same as move springs.


The kyb stock replacement springs are height of 260mm, OD of 116mm and 7 coils. I am unsure of ID, but coil thickness is 11.75mm.


Then I think the fiat springs may work, od is approx 120mm and thickness is 12,5mm, only 3.5 active coils. I think the kyb springs would probably be progressive rate with 3coils wound closely. To calculate the spring rate of a progressive spring you have 2 rates, first the rate of all the coils, then you have a higher rate of only the coils that are spaces further apart, they work simply when the closely wound coils compress until they touch only the coils spaced further apart are active. It might be worth looking into, it might be a cheaper option for you, but beware, you might not end up with a lower ride height, I certainly didnt with the sirion, but im not sure how they would go on a move eg. lever ratio on the rear axle and distance between the spring seats will affect how well they will work.


I was looking there are some low spring for the fiat 500 that keep the stock spring rate. I’ll have to find the link. Might be a way to get the lows and the spring rate


The fiat 500 (the new model, not the old school 500) comes in alot of different trim levels, the ones I got are from the sporty one, it has a special name but I dont remember what :roll_eyes: but lowered springs for it would be the way to go. You will most likely also need shorter shocks, maybe Hyundai excel shocks could work for you. Its a bit tricky for me because the awd sirion shocks have an eye on the top and a fork on the bottom, but for you with an eye on both ends you’ll find something easily I rekon.


I think its called the fiat 500 Arbarth or something like that


Here it says the stock springs are 220 lb/in, I got a different figure when I used the online calculator, or maybe I just converted N/mm to Lb/in wrongly… Anyway the lowering springs are progressive with 225-250 lb/in and would probably work well. Best of luck!


Awesome. Thanks Mick! Was looking at the excel shocks already.

EDIT: Here is the low rear springs with standard spring rate


Not much has happened on the Move due to a new member in the family arriving a few weeks ago. A new clutch will be coming soon, as will a few other service parts.
About the biggest mod recently has been stickers.

There are big things on the horizon, but I don’t want to say to much yet as I am prone to changing my mind regularly.


New clutch kit has been ordered and should be here in the next few weeks. Those on the Facebook group may have seen that I purchased a full exhaust system from a fellow member.
I am hoping to tackle the clutch and exhaust in one go, can I get confirmation from the brains trust on here that the best/easiest/quickest way to change the clutch is to drop the engine and keep the transmission in place?