Bertie Bus


I think these are the ones I used.


Awesome! Thanks James!


Some updates on on the bus. End of last week I was able to get half a day to work on Bertie and was able to get the engine and gearbox back together and back into the engine bay. I was also able to rewire everything and fill and partially bleed the coolant.
Had a bit more time this morning and was able to replace the inner oil seals and the outer tie rod ends. As you can see in the pic the tie rod ends were pretty had it.

Still got a few things to do, the biggest of which is replacing the rear springs and shocks. But, she is so close to being on the road. Getting excited to drive it as my daily again.


Honestly replacing rear springs and shocks is REALLY easy. . You will have no probs. :slight_smile:


Only thing that makes it the bigger job is they are excel shocks. But, not worried about it.


cut the crush tubes flush and bit of massaging and it will be fine. I actually just went to gtvi springs and shocks for daily duties as every one (but Me) complains about bumpy ride.