Can we talk about ej-de l200 conversions?

I need to know the low down… have you done this? can you tell me what i need?

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If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this I’d be…

There were scatterings of this on the old forum and info already exists on the new one. Have a look around the info is easy to find (hint use the search function and type in ej-de). The info has been covered. Formulate some more specific questions and re-ask. I also suggest you do like the pioneers of this did and look under/around ej/de cars and your L200 since this too will give you much insight.

Now I know some people will say I’m holding info back, but it’s a question one can put into a Google search which will even provide results.


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CHEERS, I think have most parts. I just need to put the process together. I just came across a good intercooler and am waiting on my pressure switches to arrive and will build piping when i have a doner car…

thanks for the replys. maybe i can do a build thread when i get around to it.

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appreciate it mate

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nah man i understand. ive done the k3 -> l7 conversion. the l200 ej conversion i havnt really read much about just seen it in passing. ill do some research and ask again if i get stuck…

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There is a lot to tell. I would suggest that ej-de alone without M100 hubs, L700 arms and sirion or copen brakes is asking for trouble.

Do you mean in terms of stopping power?

I thought the EJ conversion into a L200 was pretty straight forward if you used the EF gearbox.

The tripling of torque and 2.5 times increase of power do require better stopping power. Also the standard wheel shaft set up on L200s is just down right scary. The drive shaft stub axle alone supports the front wheel on an L200. For example one can’t have a rolling car without stub axle in. On the M100 the front hub is supported by the bearings in the steeering/brake knuckle and a car can be pushed around without axles in it. Assuming a person who places an EJ-DE in an L200 will at some point push the car the hub set up needs changing. So yeah part braking requirement and more so getting bending loads off the drive shaft stub axles. (If I was a mod plate engineer I would insist upon such an upgrade).


Such wise words, thanks @Mr_Gormsby

hmm, i need to find a good build thread on this.

Currently doing ej-de from an l700 into l80. Needed to change the intake and throttle body to the plastic one from a charade to clear the master cylinder, I made my own gearbox mount to suit the l700 box, the ED10 engine mounts bolt straight onto the ej de, the left l700 axle fits but need to shorten the right l700 axle as l80 is about 10cm narrower than the l700 and the l700 diff is a bit wider, I bent the shift linkages to go under the k-frame and made an adapter plate for the shifter, wiring is a pain but nothing patience can’t fix, still nutting out the fuel pump and tank, I need to look to see if an l200 injected tank will fit but will most likely end up cutting the antisurge basin and flange out of the l700 tank and weld them into the l80 tank.


l200 tanks all the same. Bolt in pump section has diff size return pipe and pump is low pressure. Can all be swapped easily. Surge basin is rubbish in all of them. If you have the skill to cut one out and reweld in then just make a new one or use a tin bowl type thing from something else. Flange that goes on the top just needs to match the intank unit. No need to get an L700 tank especially - unless you have one already.

Thanks for the tank info. I bought a whole l700 that had been rear ended so I’ve got all the bits from that to play with.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction of what page to look for a 1L swap in my L200.
Its a efi 600cc and i an looking at getting the handy motor from a workmate.
And yes i have tryed looking on pages already

@hatchew Diy or technical section, there is a guide for it, wiring i think. the motor bolts in using standard 660cc engine mounts and for ease hooks up to the 660cc gearbox no worries

Weclome. Have a look through my build thread as there is a little info there and pictures. Speaking of pictures, please share some images of what you are up to. Doing this will spark our interest a bit more, and as such, I think you’ll find extra help/advice will come your way. Try…

…for a start. Plus as Mokeman suggested the DIY and Tech section.

Ok thanks will have a look when i get a chance. Motor is going in to this little beast.


Great looking car. Not sure we have to many here in WA. A couple but not many. Let us know specifically for info needed for the EJ swap.

well so far I know the motor drops in and bolts to the gearbox.
is there any difference with the rad location?
are the drive shafts ok with that motor upgrade?
will the exhaust fit on no mod?
and what needs to be wired in using the ej ecu?

sure I might think of more later