Chazza - L251 Semi track build

Gearbox and mount torqued up. Drive shafts and hubs put back in, but nothing fully torqued up yet.

Copen brakes next on the list, then we’ll see how the 14 inch wheels fit over them. Test fit indicated that they will juuuuuust fit, but I’m not 100% sure. I have copen wheels, which I plan to fit once I have the right tyres, but if the 14s don’t fit it might force my hand.

Also, cosmetic update, thanks to @Mr_Gormsby I had a black bonnet. I chucked that on too.


Copen brakes under 14inch wheels:


Bit of a set back today.
I got everything tightened up and was getting ready to get the front end back on the ground. I spun the drivers side just to make sure it was all good and found that it wobbled a bit. I grabbed it and gave it a wiggle. Bearing is shot I think. So, drivers side is going to come apart again :face_exhaling: . I really should’ve check it. Oh well.
New one ordered. I’ll get my father-in-law’s workshop to press it in.
Just frustrated for the delay.

Edit: I did get a chance to order a few more things from Japan. First is a leather momo steering wheel from a l150 Move. It will be a straight fit.

I also got a reinforced gearbox linkage bush. Hoping to tighten up the gear changes a bit.


Make sure the axle nut is tightened all the way! I believe these are conical/tapered bearings that need preload, otherwise they’ll have play (don’t ask me how I know) :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Thanks mate. I’ll double check

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1st thing. I checked the axel nut, it was tight, so it’s definitely the bearing. The bearing was delivered today, so I’ll get it pressed tomorrow at my Father-in-law’s work.

To keep my self busy, I’ve been replacing interior clips and screws that have broken or disappeared.
I’ve also been working on my intake:

Just waiting on one more silicone joiner to arrive.
For the intake temp sensor, I have drilled a hole tucked at the back and put a rubber grommet in, then in she goes.


More spam from me:

Yesterday I got the rear suspension in. Today I put the front quarter panels back on. Car is sitting like this now:

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the rear is higher than the front. I don’t mind the raked look, but will have to see how we go on the road.