Chazza - L251 Semi track build

Gearbox and mount torqued up. Drive shafts and hubs put back in, but nothing fully torqued up yet.

Copen brakes next on the list, then we’ll see how the 14 inch wheels fit over them. Test fit indicated that they will juuuuuust fit, but I’m not 100% sure. I have copen wheels, which I plan to fit once I have the right tyres, but if the 14s don’t fit it might force my hand.

Also, cosmetic update, thanks to @Mr_Gormsby I had a black bonnet. I chucked that on too.


Copen brakes under 14inch wheels:


Bit of a set back today.
I got everything tightened up and was getting ready to get the front end back on the ground. I spun the drivers side just to make sure it was all good and found that it wobbled a bit. I grabbed it and gave it a wiggle. Bearing is shot I think. So, drivers side is going to come apart again :face_exhaling: . I really should’ve check it. Oh well.
New one ordered. I’ll get my father-in-law’s workshop to press it in.
Just frustrated for the delay.

Edit: I did get a chance to order a few more things from Japan. First is a leather momo steering wheel from a l150 Move. It will be a straight fit.

I also got a reinforced gearbox linkage bush. Hoping to tighten up the gear changes a bit.


Make sure the axle nut is tightened all the way! I believe these are conical/tapered bearings that need preload, otherwise they’ll have play (don’t ask me how I know) :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Thanks mate. I’ll double check

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1st thing. I checked the axel nut, it was tight, so it’s definitely the bearing. The bearing was delivered today, so I’ll get it pressed tomorrow at my Father-in-law’s work.

To keep my self busy, I’ve been replacing interior clips and screws that have broken or disappeared.
I’ve also been working on my intake:

Just waiting on one more silicone joiner to arrive.
For the intake temp sensor, I have drilled a hole tucked at the back and put a rubber grommet in, then in she goes.


More spam from me:

Yesterday I got the rear suspension in. Today I put the front quarter panels back on. Car is sitting like this now:

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the rear is higher than the front. I don’t mind the raked look, but will have to see how we go on the road.


Momo steering wheel arrived this afternoon. I wasted no time in putting it in.

The wheel has a few marks/scraches (like the rest of the car) and needs a good clean (like the rest of the car). I guess you could say it fits right in.


Intake done

And got the lights polished a bit so they are less faded.

They aren’t perfect, but they are much better than they were.


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Yesterday, I bled the brakes and was able to install braided lines on the rear brakes. Both front lines were stuck and I didn’t want to round the nut. So I will have to wait until I get the right spanners for the flare nuts. No photos of any of this, sorry.

Today I installed this:

No photos of it in sorry, but it was very easy to get in. Hardest part was getting the C clip off. Anyway, gear changes feel much nicer. Before it was hard to tell if you were in gear. Now it’s a little notchy, in a good way. You can feel it go into gear. Very happy. I will do the bushes at the front of the gear linkage another time (will have to order them), but if it can tighter it up even more, that would be amazing. here is a pic of the old one:

Also was able to put the lower front brace on:

Haven’t driven with it on yet, but excited to try it.

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Been a while since I did an update.

Front lower brace is back off. It was hitting the exhaust, but, it’s not the fault of the brace. Someone has replaces the resonator in the exhaust at some point and done a bit of a dodgy job, it is hanging really low and pulls the rest of the exhaust so it hangs lower that it should. I plan to get the exhaust fully done with 1.75inch piping soon, so the lower brace will be back on after that.

In bigger news, I was driving the car around, getting ready for roadworthy and broke down. I had to get towed home:

After pulling the gearbox back off it turns out I hadn’t torqued down 3 of the flywheel bolts. 3 I had done. but somehow missed the others. Anyway they are all torqued up and i ugga-duggaed them with a rattle gun just to be sure. Gearbox is back in and I am in the process of putting the drive shafts and etc back together.

In regards to the exhaust above, the rear tailpipe has lots of rust holes. I went to a few wreckers and couldn’t find a replacement that was in any better condition. So i asked a few exhaust places. cheapest was about $210. Next place to try was Yahoo Auctions. I was able to get a stainless steel rear tailpipe and shipping for a little bit less than the exhaust shop was going to charge me. I looked into getting a whole exhaust from japan, but once you go over a certain size shipping becomes stupidly expensive. Anyway, here is the one I got:


Its funny you say about your exhaust as Mine sits a lot lower than what it should also. I wonder if this is a common L251 problem.
I always see it as a shame that importing parts is cheaper than getting them locally in Australia. However, I will also get what I need overseas if the price is better than what we can get here. I mean it’s a no-brainer really.


Another update. I fitted the tailpipe, had to cut into the bumper a bit. I didn’t do a great job of the cutting, if I’m honest. But the car is not so much about the looks and as long as it works :grin:

I got everything working and got roadworthy. Just have to go down the the Transport department and get the paperwork done. Looking forward to get in and drive it as my daily.
My Sons and I gave her a wash:


2 weeks later and I finally had time to get the paperwork sorted and rego. I’ve posted these pics on FB and Instagram, but in case you haven’t seen them:


I realised this morning that I haven’t updated this thread in a bit. Mostly I’ve just been driving the car around and enjoying it.
Front suspension is a bit stiff, so I might have to get softer springs and soften the dampening .

I have been working on wheels and tyres. A while ago I got my hands on some stock copen wheel with 195/50r15s tyres on them. I fit them up the other day:

While the wide tyres look cool as you can see on the left side above, the tyres rub on the rear suspension arms a little bit and the fronts rub on the fender. I didn’t want to run spacers or pump the guards too much. I think 195s could fit, but you would have to get the offset millimeter perfect. You would possibly even need different offsets for front and rear. Anyway, my father in law was able to get me a really good deal on some cheap Chinese 175/55r15s (he is a tyre fitter). They will stop the rubbing and will do me until I figure out what I want to do tyre wise. They should be on by the end of the week.

One thing I have always wanted on a car is a sun strip on the windscreen. I just think they look cool. It was my first time using vinyl and ‘wrapping’ anything. it came out ok (not perfect). I think I could do it better if I had another go at it, but this car is kinda scrappy so I don’t mind it being a bit rough.

Lastly, I have also always wanted a rear diffuser on a Dai. I started planning how to do one many years ago with my Sirion. Basically I cut the bumper so it sits up into it a bit and used 4x 100mm bolts and some nutserts. I used the bolts to get the right height and to get it to sit right up against the bumper, then I used nuts to lock the diffuser in place and another nut to lock the bolt against the nutsert. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, the end result:


It’s been a few months since an update.

Until recently, I’ve just been driving the car and enjoying it. I am happy to say that it doesn’t use too much oil. Been driving it for close to 6 months and it has more than half the oil still in the pan. I topped it up, but am pretty happy it’s not using too much.

About 2 weeks ago I got invited to do a 6 hour endurance race at Lakeside raceway. Nothing serious, just a bit of fun. Chazza was chosen to be the car used for this event. To start to prepare I have put on the 7k/cm springs on the rear. I stiffened up the adjustable shocks in the rear a bit too. I’ve also lowered the front a bit more to make it sit evenly.


Raise front slightly more than the rear this will give you extra sponge leeway on downforce in the corners when the car transitions its weight.


is that the endurance race where you aren’t allowed to lap under 72 seconds? should be fun

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Yep, that’s the one. If I can anywhere near 75 seconds I’d be stoked

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