Evilhighway's Move (daily)


I got the move gearbox out of where it was grabbed a steam cleaner we had picked up from somewhere and started cleaning the gearbox as it was really thick in grease and crap. The steam cleaner was doing well and then when I refilled it it wouldnt work anymore? So I got a half cleaned gearbox lol. I took the engine out of the move changes over the gearbox to the move one and put it and the engine back in.
There were some differences between the 4 speed, the efel 5 speed and the L601 box but they all fit just different bolts and stuff and had to use one of the move gear cables as opposed to the ef/el one I was using. I hooked up the gearbox cables and put in half the short shifter as I still need to pick up the other half and hooked up the clutch to make sure that was working ok.
Did a little bit of plugging in the loom/ cleaned up and called it a day. It was so damn hot outside and friggin humid.
Starting to feel like I am slowly getting somewhere again :slight_smile:


Well done evil , chip away at it and it gets done . One less thing ta do :+1:


got the exhaust finished. The muffler at the back is from a 2015 soft tail Harley Davidson I was going to do dual muffler’s but at this point I wont but if it is too loud then i will. As a bonus the muffler’s are cats also so I technically have a legal exhaust system as I do have a catalytic converter. Its just at the end of the exhaust system.


I did some more slowly getting stuff back together things today. The car now has coolant (h20) and oil in it. I got the tps wired in and seems to be working ok via multi meter. I will need to check and adjust some more things like clutch etc and makes sure I have no leaks. and of coarse I will need petrol. I will also have to make sure the exhaust has no leaks between the dump and the wideband. If so i will have to fix that so I get accurate readings and then I can start to try to tune it better than last time. I hope.

Some of his I hope to get done over the weekend but I will still have to put more of it off as My wife goes back in for surgery again next week. So I need to be house bitch again with her out of action.


After all this (the last post) I charged the battery and went to start the car to no avail. It wouldn’t even crank. Infact the whole thing was siezed and I could not work out why. I will put the vid up too but in short I took out starter, then spark plugs, then head off then engine out with gear box to eventually find my stupid mistake.



I had a similar thing with an auto starlet. I’ve never seen it before but for the manual flywheel to work on the auto engine I needed that spacer. The crank itself was a tiny bit shorter. It was crazy. I’ve done plenty of manual to auto conversions and never seen that before. Without it the flywheel was touching the engine block


I guess I just thought I would add that bit in hahaha why Ihave no idea. Im just glad it wasn’t something worse.


oh my all that pulling man, pulled off even the head. Well we live and we learn eh


It’s all good man. We have alla been there.


Great work jimmy this is a proper build unbuild build thread. Lol.


sure is I wanted to get it nearly all done again by today. Yesterday I got the ngine and box back in and cv’s and hubs back in, head on and a few other things. It was with a gazebo over me as it was raining all day. Today I wanted to get most of it back together and pretty much done but about 1 hour in and it started pissing rain again so I had had enough for the day. lol weather doesnt look good for Saturday either. lol


I got the engine started today. I went to do a vid for everyone but my phone died just as I got it filming. oh well. I found I now have a head gasket leak so i will have to take the head back off again and see whats going on there. But Im happy it ran and the leak isnt major so Im not really to concerned. I didn’t have the tubo hooked up to the intake but i can say this one definitely seems to spool much quicker.
I wont be getting back to it till maybe Monday or Tuesday at the earliest now so will have to wait till then to start sorting it out.


Why do you have a gasket leak?
What area of the gasket?
Please ensure all surfaces are flat and clean bro.

Its good you can DIY, but remember it costs you time. Time is better used on upgrades than fixing :+1:


not sure must have missed something but one of my head bolts didn’t feel right when tensioning also so I will check that too. Whee it is leaking is at the front near where the extra gallery of an ej is.


The exhaust side
I’ve had leaks there and it was an idication my head had a crack :confounded:


bugger lets hope not But i do have one or 2 more also so I can do change over.


got the head off thought I fixed the head gasket leak but i didn’t so I ran the car for 5. to give myself more motivation to get it done and to hear the new exhaust i have on it. Since the video I have taken the head back off checked for flatness and crack’s. It is flat and has no cracks so I guess the head gasket was to blame. Another one has been ordered.


Is it overheating or oil in the water ?


neither @Col_Adams


How about some Nissan VG30 head bolts? Jono put me onto them for the EJ. Cheap, big, strong and lots of extra thread that can be trimmed down.