Evilhighway's Move (daily)


great Idea. :+1:


Thought I had better do a bit of an update. I put the new head gasket on the move and just reused the same bolts as i had no extra money. All was good and everything worked.
So i got it running and had some issues and managed to ruin 2 turbos’ both 2nd hand tf035 and a tdo4L. The Tdo4L was good but after it hit about 15-16 psi it would only boost to 5 psi and then drop instantly. similar thing was happening to the tf035. seems the shaft play side to side was catching the compressor wheels and stopping the boost. (wastegates were shut tight) The t035 had a bit of shaft play to beging with but the tdo4L didnt.
Enough was enough and I have decided just to go back to N/A and be able to drive the car as it is supposed top be a daily. in 12 months I have probably driven it 3 months out of that… I re- did he exhaust to go onto the ef/el exhaust manifold and have almost got the sump off but not quite. I am changing the sump as it had a leak on the oil return line. It would almost be easier to take the engine out to change the sump than to do it in car. It’s a horrible job but getting there. I am going to leave the greddy piggy back and the ef/el head on it and practice tuning with it and to get it right…
The greddy was also a pain in the butt and wouldn’t connect to the laptop but I believe I have that sorted now as win10 did an update and all the com ports disappeared from device manager. I had to work out how to get them back so now hopefully when Im ready It will be pretty easy.


Man! Sux about the turbos.
I hate to sound like I’m not believing you but I have had heaps of experience with these turbos (TF035 and TD04L) and I’m pretty sure it’s the waste gates in them.
Iv had plenty of them do the same thing and I swap them out and they fix.
Just a thought so you can try them again with a rock solid actuator.
Plus they need about 4-5mm min of pre-load in the actuator when hooking them up.
Hate to see a turbo setup go to waste! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


well I still have them but I had the waste gates hooked up solid and made double sure I did with the tdo4 as I suspected it with that with the tfo35. The tdo4 had no shaft play b4 It happened and then heaps after. Who know’s maybe there was something overlooked but strange how they both were acting the same and no boost from either in the end. I still have them and may as well rebuild them. I still have a mira they could go in when Its up and running. I still have manifold and dump pipe and all the cold side too.
Im just sick of driving an auto xtrail and having no car when the mrs takes the xtrail.
It will be good just to have a fun car to daily again. For this situation I think it’s the better outcome for now.


Ah. If you had them locked up then your right. They might have given up.
Especially if there is a tonne of play or their interfering with the housings.
There’s a tonne of turbos with the same frame you can bolt up anyway for cheap off the Subarus.
Shame though. All that work.


KP35 turbocharger 54359880002 54359700002 turbo 14411-BN701 14411BN701 turbine for Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi 82 HP K9K-260 2001-
http://s.aliexpress.com/JRfemYri?fromSns=Copy to clipboard
(from AliExpress Android)
Probably not the best quality in the world but I bet it works fine.


move is now running N/A and is slow I haven’t put the stock injectors back on as yet as I have run out of energy for the day. It’s running very rich so i will get the stock injectors back on soon and trim what i need to with the greddy after that.
It is stupidly slow but sounds and is fun to drive. I had forgotten how much fun it is even as slow as it is.



made the most of the piping and the little pod filter :slight_smile:


Car has been running good for a couple of weeks the tune is in spec and no issue’s. A couple of long drives and on the last one on the way home there was a little thud. I didn’t think much of it as it was about 3 am and thought it may be something on the road flicking up, but I decided I would just have a quick look and I found what looks like it has and is puking its gearbox oil. The car is slightly on a lean towards the engine but quite a bit of oil has come out. It didn’t leak while it was on flat ground on the grass yesterday but overnight it has. I cant go looking at what is the cause toady as I have a real estate house inspection tomorrow, so for now it has a tray under it.
I really hope this is not another engine out job. I rally cant be bothered doing it but I guess I will probably have to.
Maybe I should fix the 4 speed and put that back in.
(on a side note I miss boost already but am still smiling when I drive it)


Hope it’s nothing too crazy and you can get it all fixed up.


It will be ok I have 1 more spare gearbox if needed. It’s just a pain in the butt.


It’s not overfull is it?


I hope so. then its an easy fix :slight_smile:


I have a spare five speed if you need one. Always keen to cull the junk.


if you have a 4speed we can swap. i hate 5sp.


no I’m not swapping the 4 speed lol


I still got a spare 5 speed also rob. Thanks though unless you want it gone. Oh I still have that pump cradle for you also.


I need to go through all the gear boxes I have. To many. And that quickshift I gave you, I found the quicker rocker link and have put it aside for you.


@Paulep82 Looks like you were right. It didnt leak much more over night and had stopped and I think it was just overfilled. I guess I just panicked when I saw it. hahaha


Haha. Iv done it myself. I tried to fill it on a ramp and just spewed out on a drive.
Glad it’s all fixed. Hopefully trouble free driving.