Evilhighway's Move (daily)


did a little visual mod today.Nothing to spectacular but just a bit of fun really. I had side skirts from a holden vecrta for ages that I had cut down for the mira and never used. The other day i decided I would get them ready and put them on. I got a pressure pack sanded them lightly. while I waited for the paint to dry I washed the car. Then after the car and skirts were dry I self tapped them on. Doesn’t look too bad for what it is and it finally gets rid of them off the garage floor.
I also got a visit from a dai friend and got to drive a stock 660. It made the move feel faster but loud.


adjusted the tappits today as I hadn’t done it for a very long time and wow what a difference. It is alot quieter than what it was. I should have done it a long time ago but was just being lazy.

I also inspected tyres for wear as It has now been a while driving with te 4x100 conversion. It had bad positive camber that I could feel while turning and it was also very evident with the tyre wear. I used some camber bolts I had to give it a little negative camber and then did my first ever string line wheels alignment and while its not 100% spot on it’s pretty damn close and the car handle’s much better now too. So I will call that a win for today.


Today I went on an adventure and rebuilt my td04 turbo. It was an adventure as I had never rebuilt a turbo before. The bearing’s were in crappy condition and honsetly the shaft isn’t in the best nic either as I had to do some filing on the edge to get the hot side bearing off as it had formed a lip. I used a cheap $36 ebay rebuild kit and well the oil slinger/deflector was really crappy and I had to use the original and also one of the seals was terrible in the kit and had to reuse an original but it was still in good condition. Got it all back together and it has as much shaft play as a new one would have so I am happy with what I have achieved with it.
I must buy a kit for the tf035 at some time and rebuild that now that I have more confidence with it.


Nice job.
How did you balance the core after you rebuilt it?
Iv got a rebuild hit here given to me from a car I bought but I just swapped over the turbo because I thought you would have to get the core rebalanced.
I asked a local turbo shop here in condell park and they quoted something like 500 for the balance.


I didn’t balance the core. I will be taking pot luck with it. for $35. If it fails then it fails. I guess if you did want to balance it you could do a static balance similar to a flywheel etc with the shaft and the compressor wheel on and take material off the back nut. Which seems to be where they take the meat off from factory.


They can’t be static balanced. You would never pick up the high speed harmonic issues. Sorry to say. Best you can do or hope for is ensuring it has a reference mark to match before and after assembly.


well I guess it’s pot luck then. :slight_smile:


I haven’t done heaps with the move since the night at willow bank. With the exception of putting some different wheels on the move.
They are still 14’s but they are 14x6 instead of the 14x5’s I had with the sirion wheels. I would love to put better rubber on them but right now I cant afford to do that So it had to put my crappy formoza’s on them for now.
I have also made a change for springs in the rear specifically for track day I will be running some suzuki swift cino springs with about 2.5 coils cut off them. I roughly tested them and they do handle better than the mira rear king springs. They have about the same feel when driving in a straight line but on corner’s I can feel the weight transferring to the outside front corner more than the whole car tilting. I guess it will be trial and error.
The next thing I will look at doing again is setting up the turbo stuff again but I want to make sure I seal the sump properly as last time I had a leak. I will also need to make another front section to bolt on just under the front. from the turbo. this way if i do have to go back to N/A it will be heaps easier on me.
So that is what is next for this one.
Then I will do some paintwork more for fun and something a little different. Not performance at all but still fun.


So this has been an up and down thing lately. My mrs and I got a copen as our other daily and tow car (nissan xtrail) which was our daily decided to give up the ghost b4 we could get reg on the copen. Copen goes in for rego tomorrow. This left us without a car as I was putting the turbo back on the move so I made the decision to stop that and go back to N/A and stay that way for a while which also was a pain because I had just ordered an new td04 for the move 2 days b4 the nissan blew up.
For Track day the Move is staying N/A as I don’t have a tow car if I blow the damn thing up again or have the money for a tow truck for a car that will be over an hour from home.
So It will be a slow track day for me so instead I have decided that I can atleast stand out from the 3-4 other moves that will be on the track, this won’t make me faster and it is being done in fun as it is all plastidip. Here is the progress so far.

and here is what the theme will be. But i haven’t got any black yet.

Yep the “A TEAM” Van

Lets just hope I get it done b4 the track day.


ok well I did do the black and here is how it came out. The pic is from track day.

As far as track day went I did pretty well considering I have a decompressed ed20 with efel head on it . The shock and spring setup was ten times better than what is was last year . I got 2 good runs but not a full potential run as slower cornering cars would hold me up through the back section of lakeside and down the straight I never had the power to overtake so i was stuck between a rock and a hard place. (the only place we were allowed to overtake was the main straight unlike last year)
On the 2nd session I lost gears and pulled over only to have them be back again in a few seconds. On the 3rd session however on the 3rd lap I lost gears again and had to stay put until I got towed off. Which too my surprise Kevin in his suzuki swift was off the track a little further up the road. after the car cooled again I got my gears back so I believe I my clutch was slipping due to the rear main leaking and after taking the engine out you could see the slipping and I don’t think my pressure plate was completely up to task. My braking on track day was heaps better than most other’s out there as I found I could brake much later than they could and found myself wondering why they were braking so early until my brain caught up and told me why

As said the engine has come out and I am putting a double spring pressure plate in it with a normal clutch in it instead of the 3 puk excedy due to the different sizing of the 2 clutches.

While this was out I have decided I am putting the big bore block (ejde pistons) back in I have cleaned up and polished the crank journals checked the clearnces and standard bearing’s are just in spec so i went with those . The rods are a little out of round but not the worst I have seen before so we will see how it goes. It will not be boosted and will have the original move 6 valve head put back on also.
The reason for this is I don’t need it to be fast and it handles corners quite well and the brakes are really good compared to standard mira or move brakes. If it proves to be fine and reliable i will just keep this setup as a daily and not worry about turbo for this and rather put the turbo in the mira.
I think just the increase in piston size from 66.6 mm to 72mm is a big enough upgrade and should be fairly equal to an ejde swap without having to get a mod plate done (if needed at all).
I have stopped at the moment as i have to pinch an oil picku from another ed I have here as it seems I have miss placed where i have put the one for this.


The logic sounds good.


Progress so far is I have cleaned up the crank journal’s and got bearing’s and put the engine back together minus the head. The engine is in the car and will put the head on over the weekend and hopefully finish this off. I left the head off purposely as I left the box in the car this time and thought it would be easier to do everything up, until the head goes on.
I need to get fluid’s and an oil filter tomorrow but other that changing a bit of wiring around it shouldn’t be to difficult. I have already taken the greddy out and will just use the fuel pressure reg to ensure Im getting enough fuel.
Oh I need more fuel line too I cant forget that lol.


little more progress done today!
Head on, timing belt on, timing cover on manifolds on fuel rail and fuel ines all hooked up wiring except tps hooked up as I need to change the plug on the loom oh and thermo fan not hooked up or horn. Thermostat in dizzy in all coolant piping hooked up except radiator all alternator in as well as pulley’s , injectors in.

Things to do :
tighten crank bolt and alternator pulley
tighten spark plugs
put oil filter on and add oil
do up driver side cv nut and put wheel on.
Connect exhaust
gearbox oil (hope it dont leak)
radiator and coolant (h20 the poor mans coolant lol)
rad support bar,
front bar
tps plug
connect horn
airfilter box


oh this was a massive failure I have just taken engine back out and crank seal was leaking like a siev and oil pump gasket also and even though bearing were just in spec i should have gone over size as knock came back. I have had emough for not so the franken engine is going back in atleast I know that works and is ok.
Im currently in the process of transferring thing over from one engine to the other and then the franken will be going back in.
This way I can organinse the k3 into the copen.
In other news in future I think I will be selling my mira once I finish the 114.3 conversion and get an engine in it and running.


So I got the engine back in the move after much stuffing around I haven’t completed it as the pain in the butt Jackshaft has decided to be a pain and come undone and i can’t for the life of me get it to play ball. On the weekend I will be taking it apart and and making a plate to slide inside the cup that will be a nice snug fit and stop the issue that this seem’s to get . It issue is when setting it up it the shaft pops out and is about 1mm from going back to where it should, so i will make a false bottom for it that will be a perfect fit to rectify this issue.


spent pretty much the whole day cutting up and grinding a cv to make a false bottom on the jackshaft cv and after many hours I had success, It would have been so much easier with proper machinery but alot of things can still be done by hand with success. It is just more time consuming but in the end to have it work is such a big win for me. :slight_smile:


got the move back together and running it runs well without the greddy but over fuels so I will have to try sorting it out with lowering the fpr a bit. also the exhaust is hitting at the back which is really annoying but this is all stuff that can be sorted fairly easy andI think I will look at stripping the sirion next.


Awesome work. If it’s close to the power an ej makes it really livens the car up. With the suspension and brakes you should be the quickest move by a mile at Qld Raceway.


no its the same engine I had in before so definately not the quickest lol this just doesn’t spew oil everywhere lol


Oh I thought you were putting the bigger piston in. My bad.