Evilhighway's Move (daily)


I picked up the manual pedal box from Carl at dai wreckers yesterday and went to abc wreckers and got some intercooler piping and an auto transmission cooler. Dont really know why I got that I think it is incase I ever use the auto again and that way I dont need an auto radiator or maybe I could flush it and use it as an oil cooler?


if used as an oil cooler, i would put it right before the turbo to get coolest possible oil through it. my 2c worth


ok a little bit of an update on this since it has been a little while. I have completed the manual swap and everything looks good and seems to be working the only thing I will have to do to complete it is work out how the reverse light switch works.
I have spent the last 3-4 days slowly trying to get my head around the wiring and I roughly deciphered the l601 ecu pinout from the manual that @Mokeman put up. It may not be 100% correct but should be damn close.
Anyway I have stripped the move loom and worked out what goes where and what is connected to what through the ecu and the engine. I have bridged power and earth’s between the 2 ecu’s and will be running the L200 ecu for the engine and the remainder of the L601 loom will run part of the body that the eu has through it like a headlight switch and a few other things. I have currently left the fuel pump power from the move ecu and hope that it will power the fuel pump. If not I will try transferring it to the L200 ecu. Apart from that everything (with fingers crossed should work). I will still need to neaten it up some more and connect everything to see if I can make it fire up.
So I shall continue to do that and the move forward on the rest of what I need to do to make it run and then we will see how we go. :slight_smile: I may have to keep the auto switch on the gearbox also so the ecu can see its in nuetral but we will wait and see.
Here is some pics of the mess :slight_smile: If I get it to run (N/A) then I will do the turbo pipng etc but first lets get it running and everything else I need to do. :yum:

and one of the poor empty sad looking mira


a little bit of an update and also now a set back.
The set back it seems that my water pump has deteriorated since this engine has been built (4-5yrs ago). I presume it is the water pump as the is 3 leaks 2 from heater hoses which is acceptable but the other is a fair stream of water coming from the timing cover at the bottom. I haven’t taken the timing cover off yet but this is I am hoping is what has happened and its not coming from anywhere else.
But besides that I will say I had a win which was great.
And after you see the vid I still have no 30 amp fuses and I did work out where the wire and plug was and goes and it does crank from the cab but battery didnt have enough juice after this.


Good to see some progress on the move mate, now get a move on and finish it so you can get moving again :joy:


yesterday and today I started getting a little bit done as now we are into the second half of May i better get the stuff done I know how to do and then get to the stuff Im not so sure about, so I have time to sort out any mistakes I will make or challenges I have along the way to the track day.
I got all the front 4x100 stuff on and man it is heaps easier when you know exactly what your doing. I dropped it on its front wheels this morning and it sits really high compared to the mira but maybe it will settle in a bit after a bit of driving.
I almost got one rear done before I had to go out so i just got home and took a couple of pics to show some sort of progress. The sirion gtvi wheels look funny now as the have the right offset for the move as opposed to the other wheels where i had to roll the guards. With the extra height I have it will give me an opportunity to get some tyres that I have my eye on but cant afford as yet.
So the list of what needs doing is a little like this:

  • finish putting on rear discs and wheels. ( both sides) I have to put the drums on the mira too while doing this.
  • run and install the hande brakes cables
  • Install the rest of the exhaust
  • fix some minor coolant leaks
  • mount intercooler
  • plumb intercooler and turbo
  • put in and wire a new map sensor
  • install tacho
  • Install boost guage with all vaccum lines etc
  • Install air/fuel meter
  • install fuel pressure reg
  • Put seats back in
  • If I get through all that ok I will look at playing with the greddy blue I got at a dirt cheap price ( $75 otherwise I wouldn’t have got it)


I really like the look of those GTVI wheels Jimmy.


I think they suit but I wish I had never rolled my guards now. But I think I will look for something else in a 14 maybe a more + offset and a bit wider. I was looking at some oldschool jelly beans but just noticed they got sold. I also found some 3 spokes that got sold also. I procrastinate too much but not quite ready yet either so i will just keep hunting and waiting patiently till I find what I want.
This is they yre I would like to try. and now they are out of stock lol but thats ok.

Kumho Tyre 165/55R14 Inch 76V ECSTA V720


Was using the the NS2R up until recently on the Subaru.

Regret having tried something else. In the size you want there are 120 and 180 as treadwear options. Good value for money. A plus is that they measure oversize so your 165 is more like a 175. https://nankangtyres.com.au/tyre/ns-2r/ Have used other Nangkang and found them to be rubbish but their race radials are exceptionaly good for the money and I found them comparable to the Dunlop Direzza I had prior to them but half the price.

The Kumho is 200 treadwear and a bit more road orientated the Nangkang plus a bit more expensive.


hmmm mother inlaw has some 175/65 14’s on her mitsubishi colt. I may pinch one off her car and see how bad or good it fits on the move as a reference for sizing.


That is the tyre I am running on my Cuore!


Do you like them? good grip any cons you have found?


yesterday I got the rest of my wheels and brakes on I wasn’t real keen on the look of the gtvi wheels on the move but once they wer on I actaull really like them. To me that make it look more stock style than the other wheels yet nice. I wish they were a little wider but ok for now.
I still have to bleed them and adjust handbrake which will be done over the weekend and oh I still have to finish putting the others back on the mira lol


I think the wheels suit it Jimmy :wink:


The wheels look mint!


Thanks guys I do agree One day i will have to un roll my guards lol


Mate I’m pretty happy with them, for such a skinny tire they offer decent grip for a road tyre however I find them a bit underwhelming in the wet.


thankyou Sir


I been fiddling around with the move over the weekend but nothing major done.
I installed the new 3 bar map sensor.
I went to install the rrfpr and didnt have a T piece so i stopped at having it mounted to the firewall.
I was in a bit of a dilemma on where i was going to put my boost gauge and tacho in the car so I have decided I a, going to relocate the stereo to somewhere else and have made a board to hold 3 guages in the double din stereo hole.
In the pic it looks gold but it is gold with a black mesh from an old laptop cooler over it.

I have no idea where Im going to put the stereo yet but I will work something out.
and I need another guage to fill the extra hole.


wonder how it would look with blacked out door/window pillars on the exterior. with some new darkest legal tint