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@Michael_Arnold not sure but i wont be getting tint.

I got my T piece and finished hooking up the fuel pressure reg today. I also went to calibrate my air/fuel gauge and realized that the xtrail i was going to use to calibrate it with uses a 4 wire o2 sensor and every other car here is carb and the move is already out of wack to get the calibration right.
So I bit the bullet and ordered a wide band sensor kit. I was really trying not to but I think it will be worth it in the long run.


Wideband is “the way”. No more guessing. Cheap insurance really.


yeh that was my thoughts too.


why no tint?


would rather put the money elsewhere


true point. meant more in the long run


yeh maybe down the track a lot further


Got a few more bits and bobs done today. O got the intercooler piping done I just need a few more clamps and a little bit more hose to finish it but Im happy with how it turned out. I also replaced th leaky coolant hose for the turbo. Im hoping the pipe to the Tb is ok and doesnt pop off as it was a right ange made from 2 lesser angle bends.
and Im happy with how it looks from the front with the bar on also.


What no tint? Perhaps you are saving for dingle balls (fuzzy dice), a flame paint job, badass wrap, a sub woofer, stretch tires, tilt doors, carbon fiber look trim. My Mira came with tinted windows - you can have mine. Do you want the glass or the plastic when I finally get around to pealing it off.


You got me lol But you forgot the fluffy hubcaps. :blush:

Um no my mira is 4 door and yours is 2 and i already took the tint off most of my mira. :slight_smile:


Looking Damn Good @evilhighway


did a bit more today. I wired in my old turbo timer I have had for years and it still works. I got the wideband and have put it in and wired it with the exception of the wire to the ecu ans it uses a round plug and i need to buy one. got the tacho wired but not to the coil as yet but its there ready to go worked out how many hose clamps i need and damn its a lot. Also need to work out air filter to the turbo… I feel like I didnt do much but made progress and for some reason felt stuffed after.
well Tomorrow I dont do anything to it so it will be the weekend again :slight_smile:


wide band bung relocated and wide band sensor installed, exhaust installed, intake plumbing clamped, gearbox oil added. small oil leak finally found an hopefully fixed.


over the last couple of days Ive been pretty slack but got pretty much all the wiring side done and gauges hooked up and in. they power on so that is a good thing. I did try to start the car but battery was pretty flat and didnt realise I had one of the leads off too.
Battery is on the charger.
Most of the dash etc is back together.
I must do the brakes and put seats back in then i should be at a stage of starting and trying to get the car running good. (aka tuning)


ok this thing is giving me the shits now. I had the car running before I plumbed up the turbo and did the following. installed wide band, installed rising rate fpr, installed 3 bar map sensor.
Car seems to not start on crank but if i left it for a little while it would start for a sec then die. fuel reg was not getting a reading at all no matter how i adjusted it. I have bypassed the fuel reg, battery didnt have enough juice to crank properly. I have also disconnected the o2 wire that goes from wideband guage to the ecu incase that was making it spaz out. now waiting on battery to charge again.

If this makes no difference I think I will put old map back on to see if that that is the issue.


Does it pump fuel? You know - dirty fuel mat.


will check again maybe tomorrow if i get time or on the weekend. battery still charging :frowning: Its only a 900ma charger so it takes a while. but I got this one as i have a habit of forgeting about batteries and killing the battery charger. this one atleast regulates. It just takes so much longer. I will be able to tell once I have the battery charged and will see if the fuel reg is dodgey or I set it backwards I spose. I hope its not the fuel pump as i really dont want to have to drop the tank. Im crossing my finger’s lol


Have you pulled a fuel line off to confirm your getting pressure correctly? Sometimes a pump can slowly give out and not pump correct pressure which means replacement unfortunately.


checked fuel pump and made sure injectors were clicking yesterday and indeed they were. still didnt start so battery went on the charge last night again and today ( i didnt have much time) I changed the map back to the original one tried it again and boom it started. so that is a win. so tomorrow i will hook up the fuel pressure reg again and see if I can get that sorted as the fuel pressure is ratio is quite lean. I triad with the map unplugged also and it ran at 10:1 on idle and it would drop back to about 17:1 before stalling with the map plugged in. so if i can sort the fuel reg out I should be able to get it alot better.
According to the boost gauge that has been pulled apart and dropped too many times to mention (I have ordered a new one) I am not boosting. I also checked where my limiter is after warm up and the limiter is around 5.5k rpm so its very low. I may try my other move ecu and see if that’s any different. Until then I can try to get it running better with fuel/air mix and do the brakes. My clutch needs adjusting too.
I think I will be looking for a tps that reads 0-5volts also for my greddy blue as i have read from a few sources that the L200 tps units read on and off at various stages and this is one of the reasons people have found it hard to get them to run correctly. not sure what would work I think a subaru one may work as helped a mate adjust his years ago and get his old liberty running better after it had been to the mechanics and they could do nothing or maybe a honda or something else may work. I may as well fork out (when i have cash again) and get one of the greddy compatible map sensor’s also. Hopefully I can get around the limiter somehow too.
Oh well its all fun and games I guess as i go.
Just glad it runs so i got something to work with for the track day.
Oh i picked up a set of 14x6 inch wheels also but tyres were too big at 185/60 14 so i will let my daughter use the tread on them on the charade till I have money to get some other rubber and also use the current cookie cutters I have on it.


My EF-EL TPS was three position. Idle, normal and full open. Two types of Subaru TPS in the pre fly by wire. Early ones not common, four wire and hard to get have contact point type switches inside. These appear square and boxy on the outside. New ones are three wire and true variable.