Evilhighway's Move (daily)


You got a go pro or something man? Also be sure if you have an android phone to download an app called racechrono… It’s essentially a gps timing app that allows you to set start finish lines and timing splits… You can then mount your phone on your dash and it gives you live timing with splits and sector times… It’s an awesome app…


I have a crappy go pro knock off but it only runs about 15mins from memory and not even sure if it records sound. but that app looks cool.


I have three or four Sony action cams and will have them mounted, prob on my Subaru Liberty wagon. Mira just won’t be ready. Three weeks off work and a fourth week doing limited work, plus other hicups has meant it just won’t be ready. While most of it is now back together there is quite a bit of wiring to do and the suspension needs a few tricky things (close tolerances) made up. So I’ll be there as camera car I guess, sigh.


Id be into it Evil
Spectator for now but could change soon


Yeah racechrono is awesome man… Honestly its one of the few apps I have ever paid for… The free version is still good though, it’s so good having live timing flash up with green or red sectors… Makes you feel like a proper race car driver hahahah


So I took the move to a friends place (He would like to remain anonymous). This nice fella has a dyno at his place and offered to tune the move and show me how it works. So Today I went over with the move and we got about trying to tune it. Was all a bit of a failure.
The first hiccup was the greddy as now confirmed has three wires but is actually 2 switches inside rather than an output voltage. This was checked via the ecu then buy taking off the tband taking the tps off and inspecting.

Because of this with the you can only tunes the top line of a 16 grid map which is a challenge to try to get right in the first place.
we did a couple of runs and as soon as we were hitting boost it would lean right off the chart.
We tried tuning the greddy more in a few different way’s which did help somewhat but still would do the same thing again.
We also tried boosting up the fpr and it made a small bit off difference but nothing substantial to fix the problem.
We then put a flow meter on the fuel line to see what was happening there and boom as soon as we were hitting boost the flow would drop right down, So this and the consistency with the dyno graph told us that the old fuel pump couldn’t handle it ,
So first solution is a new fuel pump of coarse I was recommended a walbro 255. ut have heard many have got away with stock or a little better rather than the walbro.
Anyway so now before track day now I have to get a new fuel pump, and change the rear main seal at the least. He also gave me a rough idea on how to tune the greddy after getting a pump etc. All just a more educated guess but a sensible guess. He was gonna leave his dyno as is for a few days & did say if i got it all done to come back and we would try again.
Also worked out how to hook up a holden tps off the throttle pedal. But i think that would be later on.
So the last bit was what power did this shit box make?
46hp but all things considered its still better than a stock ef/el


You can see on here where we had to stop and these were to stop with the afr’s going off the charts so couldnt go power anymore from there .
The red was a basic zero on the greddy and the blue was after we put in a +40 fuel from about 2200rpm to 7000rpm

You can see where we hit boost each time where the fuel would just lean out. (the 2 lower lines where they turn straight up)


What fuel pump are you using? Just the stock one?


it is the original 20 year old stock one


At least you figures this out before blowing it up. I have a walbro 255 in my g11. They are cheap of eBay like $60


I got a stock one from in store that was more than that as I need it for this weekend so if it don’t hold up. I will drive have to drive on track accordingly or just have a boost leak so i don’t boost and then get a walbro after track day.
Its still faster than is was N/A anyway sso no worse than what it was going to be.


Ok so today i got an early sort of start but it didn’t help. My early start was to get the move off the trailer and unhook the extrail so mrs evil and I could use it to go do some necessary stuff we had on. Got that done got home. Then daughter evil and Mrs evil took car to do girly stuff (shopping). I was left with daughter evils charade so i raced into town and got a new stock fuel pump as mentioned above. I also felt that the charade doesnt go as fast as i remember since having the move faster, but its still funish.

About 12 I got to start taking out the engine the engine of the move. I worked quickly but not rushed It seemed to take me about about 2.5 to 3 hrs to get it out and in the shed.

Remember i have to use an engine crane as my back is stuffed and Im not like most of you muscle men out there that can throw an e series on one shoulder and carry a 6 pack in the other hand with a durry hanging out of your mouth. hahahaha

I proceeded to take the gearbox off. The benefit of an engine crane is you can just hang the engine and undo bits you need etc.
Gearbox off and yes rear main and housing was leaking. under the oil leak everything looked brand new. I guess it hasnt really seen any work at all but being 5 year’s old I guess the rubber dont seal like it should anymore.

Anyway I got the gearbox back on and back together so tomorrow it goes back in the car and then the fuel tank out so i can get the new pump in.


TRhis is the only video of the move on the dyno as the tuner needed to see what it was doing on when boosting. you can see the flow rate just drops when boost hits.


Ok Ive finished for the day and showered and put dinner on.

Got the engine in and everything connected.

I got the fuel pump done.

I also ran wires for my reverse light as going from manual from auto the reverse light thing wasn’t set up for the switch. So I ran a positive to the gearbox switch (through an inline fuse) and then the other to the reverse light and I just grounded the earth to the body.

Got my flat picked up and on the car.

I learnt a very important lesson that no matter how much you curse or sweet talk the car it ain’t gonna start if the coil isn’t connected. Once I realised that it started straight away.

The only thing I didn’t do was adjust the clutch as I ran out of time.

Tha car seem to run fine and the last greddy adjustment works on free revving with it over fueling bad at 3 grand like we adjusted. So it seems that the new pump is working better even though its just a new stock one. I will say it is much quieter than the old one So I will just have to see how it goes with tuning but first tomorrow I have to take my poor boy Beau to the vet to get neutered.
I really don’t want to but Qld dog reg is way more expensive than NSW. He hasn’t been a daddy and would never be regardless he just likes his balls a lot and Its his first stay at the vet and up until now he has always loved the vet.


All the best there Beau


How’d beau go at the vet?


yeh he went ok. he’s beside me atm hes all groggy and not really himself yet. looks not right with no balls in the bag. I guess I will get used to it as will he. The worst part is going to be carrying him up and down stairs for the next few days. We live upstairs :frowning:.

On the car news I have been trying to tune the car again with no such luck. I got some 270cc injectors delivered today and the plug is wrong so that was a big fail. I tried tuning at home then take it for a drive to see how it would go. I was slowly getting somewhere with it and then I thought I would take the lappy with me and watch real time (like you would on a dyno) and see what was happening.
I got just down the road and around the bend and Boom 3 cop cars with a station of some sort set up. I was like fuck and closed the laptop and put it on the floor. Then when I got closer I quickly unplugged the greddy from the laptop. I got waived in and thought I was gone, then waived through to the female cop at the end and I then realised it was a RBT and I was going to the woman cop and i was a little more relieved. Did the breatelizer thing and told to have a nice day I went around the block and back home. I attempted to go out the house later and had to give way to a cop as I went out the driveway, So I decided I would go around the block and back home and call it a day. as it is now Ive really only got saturday to tune now. well i will do my best and hope for the best.


Ok well I suppose I should update this since its been about about a week since the track day.
Track day was so much fun! I lasted 1 session and 3 laps into the next one and Knock Knock? Who’s There? Big End.
So I went off the track and the move was very warm also, I was only there as a spectator from there on in. My daughter Tash did well in the g202 and while slow, she did some good runs and she had an absolute blast like the rest of us.
I haven’t touched the move since getting it home with the exception of starting it and getting off the trailer and it starts and drives and sounds normal until it warms up and then it knocks so I guess its a big end bearing.
The plans are to take that engine out and fix the original engine with the oil pump I got off @DaleJeffree put an ef/el head on it an put it back in while I fix the one that’s in it. I will be fixing a few things as well like the welds on the turbo adapter broke when loading it on the trailer. I need to delete the cat and put another one further back as that cat sits way too low and is gutted anyway.
I’m also going to put the ef/gl gearbox on it as I’m not happy with the ef/el really but it does work ok the gearing is just to close. I’m hoping the efgl is a little better but if not i will have to live with it.
I will probably be getting a start with it this week coming as I have a little bit on this weekend.


Oh I decided I will be getting rid of my mira and associated parts and which most have been sold already or lined up to buyers. So all the money for that will be put into the move.
I also forgot to say I just got a new fuel pump that does 340L per hour and is a Kemso (same brand as @Mr_Gormsby has got for his mira) and a holden TPS has arrived so I can mod it to fit on the move for a tps for the greddy blue so it can be tuned better. I also worked out (in theory ) how to use the greedy’s boost plug for any map to be plugged into it or an o2 sensor. I will stay with the map for better boost level’s. Im going to check the other clutch I have also as I now have a double sprung pressure plate but it is a 160mm one and not a 1700mm like the greddy 3 puk.


Lol your chasing taller gearing and i’m looking for lower. The ef-gl gearbox as fitted to the l500 has a 4.7 final.