Evilhighway's Move (daily)


Mate if you weren’t so far away we could just swap as you know i have a move 5/speed with the 3.9 final, which would be ideal for your big block.


@evilhighway; one the gearbox is fitted to a 660, it will be a short ratio; ED10 is the 5speed that had the longer ratio


Thankyou I get confused with terminology sometimes. Ok well I Gather my move ed20 gearbox should be the one I want then and the other 2 spares then lol. Also thankyou for the valued advice. @601to602 Yes I think if we were closer I would probably do that for you I hate bloody shipping costs.


I see that since your build is basically a 992cc build, the EF box on that track was hell; ratios close and top speed in no time. 5th gear feeling like 3rd :joy:


yeh pretty much wheels pin was fun though but damn even on track was soo painful especially at one corner. If I waited for revs to drop and then put it back to 3rd it was horrible and then I went from that to changing earlier and the revs on the downshift was really high but went so much better and smoother but I think that what was what killed the suspected big end. But yeh on straight it was into fifth really quick which I was hoping i would be staying in 4th for but would run out of legs.


EF 5spd boxes and ED 4spd boxes (all the ones I’ve opened) have the same gear ratios, expect for fifth which is of course not there on the latter. Diff ratios are diff through. 4spd is 3.9 final drive. EF 5spd is something like 4.8. The EF box with viscus LSD that I got from Tim is 4.4. 1st on all of them is way to short and same with 2nd and 3rd - at least for my liking. M100 boxes have best factory ratios with two diff final drives with the taller ratio fitted to 3cyl and the lower ratio to the 4cyl, which is made up for by the GTVI having taller tires.


would the ed20 move 5 speeds be any different then to the ed 4 speeds?


It should be.
Drop it in :smiling_imp:.
Ohhhhhh wait now I remember how to tell the difference…the starter…
The huge ugly starter is the box with the longer final drive
The neat fitted one is the 660 box


I have the starters for all 3 I just have to work out which is which but the move one is still attached to the move engine from the first move I had.


When u get a chance send a pic of the more box and starter


I have two different casings and starters but didn’t know there was a third. No idea on the ed20.

Have just been to look at buying a bug eye wrx and have said I’ll take it. $1500. It idles well but won’t drive. Computer error points to ecu replacement and I have a pnp Autronic sm4. Dent in drivers guard and rear door. 240 000k. Also needs suspension bushings throughout which I have. What I don’t have is space. Have to get rid of other cars. Well one of those cars has about five effective gearboxes and one ed10 box. If you need anything from it ask and is yours. Will be a lot of stuff dumped


I wouldnt mind the ed10 box If that is ok if not that is cool also. Is there a time you would prefer me to come over to have a look? When do you need things gone by? By the way I had a better look at that head the day after track day and wow you did alot of porting work on it and thankyou once again.


ED10 box is yours. Need to have most of it moved over the next two weekends. Brumby parked next door needs to be cut up, a few bits kept and the rest dumped. Then it’s prob the spare Mira that needs to go next door. It has all the boxes in it. So I have to tidy it up so it can be pushed over there and have i looking more respectable.


well I was thinking that I know Saturday is no good for me as I’m going out Saturday night but I may be able to come over Sunday arvo and give a hand where I can if you like? I will send you a text or give you a call Sunday to confirm what time I can be there if suitable as i will have to see what time I wake up haha. Also I need to find my damn phone its been missing for 3 days now lol. I wish I had left it turned on so I could ring it lol. Anyway let me know if that is fine? If not I really don’t know what I’m doing the following weekend It may be the same scenario or I will be more free on Saturday. Wont know till next week though.


I’ll be here and will stay tuned for what you are up to.


sounds good


Tumble weeds and cobwebs happening here at the moment. I took a flex polate off and looked at a tps set up briefly and that’s about it. Didnt even make it to Mr G’s Place as i caught the flu from mrs evil and both of us have been in bed almost all day. Really quiet day as Mrs evil has lost her voice also. I did ask if she left it in the car but the slap I got i when I asked meant no. lol

I will venture out this week to the shed at time when i feel ok to get some small stuff done unless I clear up in a day or 2 as I really want to get the move moving again. I hate not driving it. Im even tempeted to have it N/A for a little bit just to drive it.


My daughter has kindly given me some time to help out with mrs and her broken ankle which has given me a few hour Today and tomorrow to get out to the shed and make some progress. So far I am starting on taking the engine out of the move I have got coolant, electrical, fuel and cables (except g/box) and now just had some Nacho’s that were cooked for me for lunch so after coffee Its time to get the car jacked up and continue getting the engine out.


Well for the rest of the day my engine fell out into my shed. yes i work slow but I am still crook from this stupid flu I cant seem to shake the cough or sore throat no matter what I do.

here is the evidens that it fell out.



Good to see things are Moving along Jimmy :+1: