Hi from Germany! Cuore L60

Hi everyone! I’m Jan from Germany and a big Cuore fan since driving a Perodua Kancil during my semester abroad in Malaysia. I am trying to save an old Cuore L60, that was first registered in 1986.
I am an engineering student who has never seriously worked on cars before so this is a huge learning experience for me. It is super difficult to find parts over here, so I hope to find some help in this forum and to become a part of the community :slight_smile:

About the car:
The Cuore only had 2 preivious owners. The second owner had it for 30 years but died a year ago. Last fall I bought it to save it from being scrapped, because there are barely any of those left. It only has driven 31k km in over 30 years and was mostly garaged, however it has some issues that keep it from passing TÜV inspection and being roadworthy again, namely:

  • some minor rust
  • deteriorated rubber strut top mounts (not available anywhere…)
  • muffler rusted through
  • seatbelt locking randomly
  • long overdue timing belt service

All in all it is not looking too bad, if not for the fact that some parts are impossible to come by and my wrenching experience is quite limited. Still hope to learn and to be able to save it!


She looks great! so jealousssss

concernig strut topmounts, do you have any pictures? I may be able to help out.
hope to see this little nugget in real life one day, it’s gorgeous and such an inspiration!


Hi Jeroen! Glad you like my little Cuore :blush:
Just checked your profile, I think I know your cars from Instagram, love the L80! Once the L60 is done I’d be happy to take it to meets and to NL!
I attatched a picture of the shot mount.

one of the first cars i bought was an '81 L55v, sucha brilliant little buzzbox even if mine was semi auto :slight_smile:


Mine is my second car, I love the thing! And luckily it is a 4-speed manual :blush:


Welcome @autojan1! Nice to see both young and old here (you and your cuore) . Unfortunatly, I don’t think you will find stut mounts.

  1. The way to go, I believe, is to take some measurments of the bolts and the shape of the mounts and see if a newer cuore model will fit. With some mods it will fit. Don’t you worry, we have an army of cuore owners here, so you will find your answers.
  2. As for the muffler, if the exaust manafold is ok, you can weild new pipes and muffler on that.
  3. As for the seatbelt, find a cheap beige seatbelt with new mechanism, swap the “lock” and you are golden!
  4. As for the timing belt, mark a point on the old one, take a string. Trace the belt and when you done, cut the string. Then measure it. Then measure the width of the belt. Try at your local part store to find a belt with the same width and length.
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@autojan1 take a look at this:

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Thanks for your answers and advice @Ad.Prime !
I fear you could be right about that strut mount situation. The thing is, I intend to get it registered as a classic car here in Germany, which requires passing a pretty strict inspection by TÜV that assesses the condition and originality. I need to pass it to be exempt from being banned from “green zones” (I live in one) because of having no catalytic converter. That is why I try to source OEM L60 parts as much as possible, even if they might be used and hard to come by. Maybe I’ll be in luck and find some usable ones. Of course, if there is no way of getting any I will have no choice but try to adapt newer ones and hope it’ll fit and still pass.

Thanks for linking the crazy Handivan build by @DaleJeffree , that is some seriously impressive work! Unfortunately the approach of using Hijet struts does not really solve my problem, since bolting them in requires using the L55/L60 mounts.

Also here, @vaxx, I think he used strut top mounts of charade G100S… take a look:

Also see if you can find something here:

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Hi Jan, welcome to the forum.
I m also a L60 owner and like to modify the L60.


Hi, you could try partsfan.com and do a part number cross reference. From my experience most daihatsu strut tops are the same dimensions. If the part is visually the Same In all manner and does not require modifications to fit the tüv inspection will be fine. Simply don’t mention they are for something else, just say they are new, the guy will take a look, and everything will be fine.

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Hi Mick, thanks for your answer!
I tried partsfan, however I didn’t have any luck. It appears that the part is unique to the L55/L60.
Part number is 48609-87203-000.
From my research the one on newer Cuores 48609-87206-000 is interchangeable with many models, so maybe if used ones don’t work out I’ll try if I can fit those.

Jan is right, they are different. The L55 /L60 are the same as L38 and L40 Fellow.