Looking to find a better radiator for my l500

hello! I’ve gotten my car running sorta alright for the moment though it gets a little warm and since it’s blown a gasket beforehand I’m looking to get a better radiator and make the cooling system a tad better.

I’ve seen in posts of others using thicker aluminium rads on their more performance builds that have been custom made, would anyone happen to have an idea of where I could buy one of them and if need be a fan to go with it?


ebay is where most people have bought them try searching for L200 also as they also fit. They used to be about $100 but no idea what price now.

the only one that I’ve been able to find us stupid expensive.


they want 900$ for it which is dumb.

that is a dumb price they were about $100 last time I looked. If you modified the mount points etc then you can get a sirion one to fit which I think are dual-core. from memory.

This is a sirion/yrv /cuore style. I have indicated mounting’s on them so you know the difference between them but most are about the same physical style but Sirion etc are usually dual-core as stated.

and this is the mira

Or you can keep an eye on ebay and see if they come back down again. I have heard of people using honda ones also but unsure of what ones they are

ahh righto, I’ll have to look and see if I can find one. or look around on threads seeing which civic rads others have used.


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I once put a mira radiator in a 3 cyl charade. It was the same size but mounts were the same as the mira one shown and the charade mount points were similar to the sirion etc. I drilled a hole in the bottom subframe to fit the bottom hole and drilled new holes for the little mount’s in the radiator support bars to make the top mounts fit with nuts and bolts to hold them on.

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Same size as the L500 item but is a squeeze
ek Honda Civic
Lower hose is on the wrong side and the LHS needs a dimple in the K frame plus redrilling. If you have a tig I’d alter the lower outlet to point it in a better direction and change the lower fitting and top fitting back to factory. I think I might still have a spare one of these or else it was with the parts of mine Mr Evilhighway ended up with. Not home to check right now.


I have it. You said there was something wrong with the one in it so you said to take the other one. I have not fitted yet as I haven’t had the car running long enough to test it.

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@Mr_Gormsby yep that’s all good, I have a mate who does pretty good tig welds so I might be able to ask him and check how much he’d want for the work. I’ve seen the rads also go with shrouds and fans so I was looking to see if one of them would be a bit better as well, my current rad fan is a bit clunky when it comes on.

I did end up chatting to my mechanic bloke and he’s said he’d do the rebuild if he can find parts for it but, I’ve also seen on here that you can put the ef-el head on a ed series block and it makes okay power and is suitable for forced induction later on, would that be a better option than rebuilding the ef-el motor?

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ejde is a very popular choice. it will mount in and bolt up to your current gearbox. It has been along time since I have helped with putting one in but you will have to run an adjustable for, and depending on if you get an early ejde or a later one there will be wiring. The early ones just require the ecu and engine loom while later ones will need the ecu, engine loom immob, key and key reader.

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That’s good. Glad you have it. Was going to look for it to take a picture. I think the other one might have some fin damage perhaps.

The ef-el is getting old. Most of the heads I see are cracked between the valves. They have a poor combustion chamber shape and the six port exhaust manifold is terrible.

ah fair enough, I’m not so sure where I’d be able to find a ejde motor around here, I haven’t seen many sirions up for sale and the ones that are, are about 1900$ which is a pretty penny for just wanting to take the motor out.

I fitted a EJDE into my sons L500, the engine came from a wrecked L251 Charade.
Where are you located, we have plenty of parts left over from the engine swap including the L251 radiator, the donor car was an auto and it wouldn’t fit without mods so it was easier to just reuse the L500 radiator, no problems with overheating.
I also have the original engine (ef el) which has done a lot of kms but still runs fine.

I’m in SA, around the greenwith area. i didn’t know that charades had the ej motor, so that’s something to look for.

Can i just say, Don’t try and band aid the problem if there is one… I run a factory replacement radiator and have zero problems maintaining highway speeds… The OEM ones that are very old at this point are always clogged so that could be the issue…
The only thing i have done before i replaced the old OEM radiator was Drill a few small holes in the thermostat to allow a little more flow when closed.

Don’t over think it.

Agree, the stock radiator is more than adequate if its in good condition

only the L251 Charade had the EJ motor

also have a look for L600 Move radiators, they are 26mm thick core compared to the original 16mm core, i run one in my EJ powered L200 and haven’t had a problem since installing it

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