The not so green cuore (l700)

think i answered you on facebook as probably my start up vids. the ecu would be wrong for the fueling due to different sized injectors i reckon. i used the standard EJ-DE ecu, did have some bigger injectors but they overfuelled way to much and the car ran like crap. changed back to original EJ injectors and was so much nicer to drive, but being a stock ecu it would start getting upset around 5000rpm. not 100% sure but the wastegate actuator should be set about 7psi. i did only have a small piece of pipe though running from the turbo to throttlebody so the intake temps would have been way high. all the standard EF-DET gear bolts straight to the EJ, just have to add a drain return into your sump from the turbo. to see what it looks like, check out my build thread My L200 Topless


Yeah i also read your post on facebook :slight_smile: , thanks for posting it here too though. Information on facebook gets lost so quickly.
I will be running the ef-det ecu. And installing a afr. So i can atleast monitor how its running rather run it a bit too rich than lean … seen a guy turbo his l7 and only ran for 2 days because of running lean…


Been a while since i posted a update here,
I sadly didn’t start on the turbo conversion yet. but there’s a really good reason for that.
i’ve got a house at my job as of July, when i move i can simply walk 1 minute to work and don’t need the car as a daily (which make the turbo swap a lot easier :stuck_out_tongue: )

2 weeks ago i got the MOT check again. Apparently the mechanic was a huge fan of the car and had a very good chat about daihatsu’s , The Mot went smoothly with zero remarks. which is not bad for a 19 year old daihatsu hehe.

after the MOT i decided to go all in on the cuore and started gathering parts which i am after for nearly 2 years now :).
The first part is already here, and was a reaally lucky buy. more on the other parts later :smiley:
its probably the most awful spoiler there is for the cuore but that’s why i love it so much hehe.

im calling it the awning :P.

really eager to start painting it, however just after ordering all my materials i got tested positive for covid19… soo no work for at least 2 weeks on the car sadly.

It did gave me time to source even more parts and got in contact with a guy to import a Gino front to the Netherlands which gets me really hyped as this has been a goal for as long as i am driving daihatsu’s. i am hoping to receive the first parts soon.


Well long time no see here.
I have finally managed to achieve one of my biggest dream since buying a daihatsu. I have succesfully imported a complete gino front end to europe.
Seeying how rare it is here i could not be happier with it.
Even though it got some small dents which i am going to get fixed as soon as possible.

There is still loads of work to do, gladly i have moved to a place where i can work inside on the car during the winter so i am expecting things to get done a lot quicker now :slight_smile:


Last week i saw an offer i couldnt resist. There was a YRV turbo up for sale just 12km’s away from my place…
And ofcourse after a 1 hour test drive :rofl: decided to buy the yrv as a daily (for now)
The cuore is currently sitting inside a shed and work on it will start very soon :slight_smile:

I might translant the k3vet engine in the future though since i am selling the efdet turbo kit to another forum member as i will be aiming towards higher hp numbers :crazy_face:


I’ve seen it for sale. Must say that the price was very tempting but I think the misses would have made me sleep in it for he next couple of weeks if I bought it.

Have fun with it!


can confirm, even though my place is the couch now :stuck_out_tongue:

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You at least have the space for it (so it would seem). I have to do all the work underneath he carport.

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Long time no see here,
In the meantime i have sold the gino swapped l700 to someone else (due to another interest) . And have been driving the YRV for quite some time now. However i cannot get the same amount of joy of driving out of the YRV turbo as with the L700. Even with the fact that the YRV is way more powerful.
So that is why i am picking up another L700 soon. I will make the l700 ready for a k3-vet swap :slight_smile:
I honestly cannot wait to get the L700 at home and start working on it .


Sooii today was D-day… picked up the L700 and took it home, i nearly forgot how much fun they are to drive around… i surely had a big smile on my face for atleast the whole one hour trip🤣
Since the car had a few things to fix i started when i got home… ( after taking a picture with the other nuggets)

So first the bad,
Rotted wiperfluidtank

And a few dents on the driver side ( or left side for the people driving on the wrong… or is it the correct side of the road?)

Also one of the headlights was broken due to a small incident involving those dents, replaced both lights with some freshly polished ones

Fixed the rotted wiper fluid tank

And last but not least replaced the dented panel

The car still needs a new front bumper a proper wash and the left door needs replacement. But happy for now…
Going to get it inspected next week and after that it will recieve much more TLC before the k3vet goes in :call_me_hand:


well, not really much of a update but still something to post,

the car has a freshly MOT/APK/inspection done, after replacing/fixing some reaaally minor things.
the biggest job was to replace one of the wishbones as one of the ball joints had a small amount of play… wish there was a easy way to actually replace the ball joint really easy but o well…
ohter jobs where to replace one of the headlights (AGAIN) because the light leveling screws and the electronic part of the height regulator didn’t work anymore.
also had to epoxy the new wiperfluidtank… because for some reason it leaked at one of the pumps… even tried a different pump with new rubber… but o well it’s fixed for now.

As i have learned in the past… the best way to tackle projects is by trying to go in as small steps as possible… otherwise stuff might end up in a corner again :sweat_smile:

so the next “small” steps are as following for the cuore :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Replace the drivers door
  • Replace the trunk lid with a trunk lid without wiper ( Because racecar? lol )
  • and a dozen of other small things
  • also trying to get rid of most unneeded electronic components as possible

but first… hope we get rid of the colder weather soon so i can actually do stuff outside again :slight_smile:


I understand the colder weather thing man, but I am at the other end of the spectrum here with this week being 35 Celsius as the lowest temp all week.

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He he, yeah thats a tad overboard with the temps lol… i dont reaaally mind the cold as long as it is just above freezing (and dry)… but sadly every thing is frozen up here and basicly a iceskating venue :sweat_smile:


Sooo a few months have passed and the weather has finally had been a little bit better now… in the meantime there was no sitting still though…
Together with @Roffelkut and @Blyatsu we pulled the engine out of the YRV… or well we… they because i decided to wreck my ankle and had to go to the hospital to get it checked…
Gladly i did some preps before hand… and after my hospital visit i actually helped at the magic pull the engine out of the car moment though :partying_face:

So really glad that the engine is out… and brought the car to the wreckers myself with the handy wheelloader ( the wrecker is only 3 km away)

Sadly some parts are in quite bad condition like the subframe and engine mounts. So gotta look into that…
Already got a better condition subframe and will make that one ready so i can put all the parts on there.

Also bought some copen swaybars for front and rear today at a meeting and finally got some powerless mirrors and a other front bumper without damage​:partying_face::partying_face:

Here are some pictures of said meeting :slight_smile:


Making some slow progress on the whole project :slight_smile:
I was finally able to change my door for a dent free one, and changed the front bumper with a crumple free one hehehe…
Also started to tear down the engine and started painting some parts.

The original subframe was kinda rusty, so decided to get a second one. Will also be easier for me to bolt everything on :yum:
Painting the new subframe

Also removed the power steering pump… since well powersteering removes all the fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: im just going to gut the power steering rack so i can keep the shorter steering ratio… also took a subscription at our local gym to prepare my arms for it lol

Also i got hold of my old wheels ago (which i sold 2 years ago) after the whole engine swap is completed they will go back under the car ( after getting them redone professionaly)

Thats it so far :slight_smile:


Looks awesome

How are you going to adjust belt tension with removing the tensioner?