What rims size for Cuore?

Hello in Cuore L701 automatic 4doors stock coils what rims and tire size i can install? (It used with 4 persons inside)
Now i have 13 “with 165/70 tires.
If i put 15” i wll have problem in curbs?

Hello there,

In theory, you can install 15" rims. The tires you have on now are wrong size according to specs for a 13" rim.
Check this: L700 tire size on 14"
And this: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/daihatsu/cuore/1999/

Also, the rims have 2 dimensions.

  1. How big they are (15")
  2. How wide the are (6J)
    And together are written J6X15.

After that comes the pattern of the bolts and the distance betwiin them. In your case, there are 4 bolts and they have 100mm distance betwiin them. So you need rims 4X100.

Excample: 5.5Jx14 4x100.

Now, in my opinion, because your Cuore has the 1.0 EJDE engine, like my Sirion, do not go with the 15" rims. They are far to big for the car and you will lose some power and your fuel consumption will be of the charge.

Try 5Jx14 steel or 6Jx14 4x100 aluminum rims. that way you can install tires from 165/65R14 up to 175/50R14 for the steel rim and from 175/60R14 up to 185/50R14 for the aluminum rim. And that because the two rims have different width. Steel 5", Aluminum 6".

if you did go 15’s look at 195/50 x 15’s same diameter as original 175/70 13’s :slight_smile:

According to this page, the original diameter of the tires are 155/65R13
Also, the correct tire for 15" is 185/45R15 with 6Jx15 4x100 ET38 rims


But its more difficult yo find 185/45 tyres

For that reason I said,

They are more common to size tires and the 14" rims will not strain the engine and your fuel consumption will not increase that bad! Remember, you will have 4 people in the car most of the time as you said in your 1st comment!

You can always go with 13" aluminum rims with 165/60R13 tires. OR if you want so mutch the 15" rims, install 185/55/R15 tires. They are easier to find. But truely, if I were in your shoes, I would go for aluminum 6Jx14 rims with 185/50R14. That’s the tire I want to install on my sirion after the summer.

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I beleive 14rims is better for my car.


Post some photos of your car for us to see. Some of the interior, some of the exterior, some of the engine bay. And also the old and the new rims and tires. Before and after installing. That would be great! :star_struck:


With 13"rims


Awesome!! The only downfall for me is automatic transmition box. But all in all, a nice little beast!! I wantted to see the engine bay thou. :smirk: ah… what can one do? You win some, you lose some… :grin:

The thing that I noticed, is the power window switch on the driver seat… I never saw that kind before. Is it practical up there? Mine is onfront the plastic handle for closing the door! Maybe was the stile of the older models before the April of 1999. I do remeber seen Cuore like yours, wearing like my window switch.

Look here

I search rims and i found 14" 6J 4x100 et40 alouminioum.
I thing the difficult is to find tyres.
I thing i must put 165/55 r14 tyres and i dont fint easy tyres.

No!! For rims 6Jx14 you must put tires 175 or above!! the width of 165 is too small!
Don’t get me wrong, you can put it on, but the “shoe” of the tire will be smaller than the width of the rim.
So if you put it on, you risk scraching the rim while parking! use 175/60R14

I found this

I’m going to compare your cuore with my sirion… And that because we wear the same engine and nothing more!

The specs for sirion say 165/65R14 for 5jx14, (origina tire and rim)
I can go to 165+10=175/ 65-5=60 R14 [175/60R14]
I can go to 175+10=185/ 60-5=55 R14 [185/55R14]

The specs for cuore say 155/65R14 for 5jx14, (origina tire and rim)
you can go to 155+10=165/ 65-5=55 R14 165/55R14
you can go to 165+10=175/ 55-5=50 R14 175/50R14 <— the problem here is that your tire is rare in Greece!

So you can go to 175/55R14 see here (Just a random site on google). Is not much of a difference between 175/55R14 and 175/50R14.

Remeber, Isaid:

The link that you put to click here is all 175/55 r15 not 14.

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Sorry about that. It was late at night and I was getting sleepy. My bad! Anyway you’re right. The size 175 starts more commonly in Greece with 60 at 14 size… so either you go to165/55R14 or you can go to 185/50R14

Thanks my friend.

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Your welcome!

My only risk is because is auto and with 14" rims is more difficult for automatic transmission.
What do you think?