Wooki3 the L60 Handivan


Im loving this Dale So good you went with this :+1:


For interesting 2cyl engines look up Dan Gurney’s bike motor. Fully balanced and hydro valve actuation. They are yet to run it, but the virtual tests look promising.


That is an awesome engine.


The first time I have bought Speed Flow, these are dash 6 for the vacuum lines from the intake manifold.


Fuck man that manifold looks thr goods… I’m so jealous of people that can weld, I really need to learn… This is an awesome build bro…


I agree with @Daiharris. I wish i could weld well. I can do exhausts and prefer arc over mig bt damn i stuff alot up and find I am always fixing the crap i do first. Nice work @DaleJeffree


Thanks guys. Hoping to dummy the engine back in the sub frame to make new mounts soon, just got to find the M8 gearbox bell housing bolts or change them to studs (I like using studs).


That’s what she said! :stuck_out_tongue:


The size comparison of a T25 and the RHB-31

For a laugh, I bolted this one with one bolt. Bloody huge.

The turbo manifold is done and the intake manifold has dash 6 fitting welded on for a vacuum/boost source for the small reservoir I am about to make.


That is some bloody nice work.


It’s been quiet here for a bit. Bought some more dash 6 fittings, waiting in a Weber carburetor book to help me through the rebuild.
I’m also having trouble working it how our if I need to modify my distributor with the cb60 boost retard actuator; as I am running it off manifold pressure via a boost/vacuum reservoir.


Could you tee into the wastegate actuator hose instead?


Actually I have sorted the issue. I have reduced the overall mechanical advance by 9 degrees, and the vacuum advance will now only work on idle but quickly disappear when the foot is jammed down and the boost retards the timing.
I am have put the gear box back in so I can fit the engine to making new engine mounts and a gear box mount if the set up needs the extra stiffness. It would be easier to remove the sub frame but as we are looking at selling our home and buying something with a shed and a bit cheaper, it looks like I am packing it all up again to move the cars out,



Well progress has been made, the engine and gearbox are together again. Quite an easy motor to lift solo. Need to get the engine mounts back on, swap the distributor over, make new extractors and exhaust, rebuild the Weber IDF, and for it with the new manifold.
I’m trying to get it race ready for the 10th anniversary of Mount Alma hill climb, I just need another $560 to pay for entry, licensing and registration permits.


Working on the carby, upgraded to a 40mm IDF. Fitting it with the right size jets, emulsion tubes, and air correctors.


New jets, tomorrow I pick up smaller air correctors. Happy Valentines Day to me.


More air correctors. Hopefully my maths is paying off.


So I bought a parts car for both of my L60 Handi’s. The rust was an issue I was vaguely aware of when I went there. The Handi is a 1984, so it’s a 620cc, 5 speed box and 12 inch wheels.


some great parts there for you.


This weekend allowed me to bring home the cars. My feelings towards various vehicles has changed. Time constraints of work and family are making me question the direction of builds.

Newer carpet and seats from the donor are in the white car.