Wooki3 the L60 Handivan


Looking in your first post did you just cut the front end off the parts car? Haha, looks like some good parts for your handis though :+1:


Hi Dale
Does this mean youve moved house? I’m still iterested in the hub(s)


Which size wheel studs does your Handi have?


Not sure, but the dead hub is in my garage at home so I can check this afternoon. Only info I have at the moment is that it was built in 09/82


I’ll leave this here, work is never finished


Still have to modify the thermostat housing but it’s getting there.



Keep up awsome work, will be keen to see the finale


Until I make the rear outer support the drill will support frame. The passenger side is so much better I might make another drivers Mount.


Finished the last leg of the seat rail for now. I sat in it and it is very firm.

I seemed to have bought an Amr300 supercharger, so that happened. The turbo is being shelved for now.


Very cool. Might need some top of the range ear plugs. It’s going to be fantastic.


Yeah I’m not sure what to expect, except it will be draw though. Still haven’t chosen a carburetor yet. Any suggestions?


The SU carbs like a draw through configuration and easy to tune. A DCOE Weber would be cool but really hard to get it to work (you’d have to be a wiz with them and have heaps of spares to tune it)


Throttle body injection, from an old ford?


Looking for a 2 inch SU, might seem like overkill but I don’t want to restrict the blower from doing what it is designed to. Besides the SU won’t draw more than it needs.


What cars came with the 2”? I know some Volvos from the HIF6 in the 80s which was 1” 3/4.


From a 4.2 Jaguar from what research is telling me.


There was a few jags at City Wreckers up in darwin when I used to work there, might be worth a phone call!


Playing with free stuff until more money pours in. Fitted my HiJet struts in. This is currently at full compression of the shocker.


L700 brakes on both sides now, need to see if the standard brake hoses will bolt on. The onto dismantling driveshafts.